Already dreaming of the fantastic Bintan getaway you have planned? To make things go as smoothly as possible, it’s crucial to pack all the suitable necessities you will need. Here are our suggestions for Bintan getaway essentials that you must bring along from wherever you are!

Appropriate Clothing for Tropical Weather

Keep your jackets and sweaters at home, because what you’ll need for your Bintan getaway is light, breathable clothing like cotton tops, shorts, and lightweight sundresses. The general concept to keep in mind is clothing that will wick away at sweat when you travel around the island. On top of this, you should bring along swimwear that is quick-drying, as well as sarongs, kaftans, or other clothing to slip on top of your swimwear when you’re not frolicking in the ocean.

On top of that, bring along some fancier clothing for when you go on dinner dates or take a cruise. After all, it’s unlikely you want to be photographed exclusively in your swimwear and casual clothing. Don’t bring anything too elaborate though, or it may get uncomfortable in the heat. If you can bring clothing items that can change in style depending on what you pair with it, even better! Lastly, don’t forget to bring along adequate underwear; since you may be in the water a lot, think 2-3 pairs for every day you will be at Bintan.

The Right Kinds of Shoes

Bintan is not a place to bring along your boots and heels; leave your stilettos at home and instead, bring along your flip-flops, flats, and sandals instead! Additionally, some sneakers or canvas shoes are a good choice too, especially when visiting non-beach/non-water attractions. That being said, don’t go crazy and carry 10 different types of footwear; just one or two is best since you’ll want to be travelling light in this kind of climate.

Personal Care Items

You will likely shower often during your Bintan getaway, so be prepared by packing travel-sized bottles of shower foam, shampoo, and conditioner. Do check if your hotel provides these for your perusal; if yes, it would save you the need to bring them (since if you are coming on an international flight, it will be a hassle during the security check). If you stay with us at Club Med Bintan, we will provide these for you, together with slippers and hair dryers as well!

Other than the basics above, remember to pack your skincare items, though if you regularly practice a 10-step routine, it may help to reduce it to the bare minimum for maintenance so that you have more time to enjoy what Bintan has to offer. The most important skincare item you must bring along is, you guessed it: sunscreen! Bring along one that is SPF50 and above for optimum protection when you are out and about especially at the seaside or on boats. It’s difficult to find the cosmetics you may be used to here, so be sure to pack some key makeup items for those glowing OOTDs you are going to post up.

Other Miscellaneous Items

The items mentioned below are not necessities per se, but would definitely enhance your Bintan getaway if you pack them along:
A portable Bluetooth speaker for when you want to blast out some music while you lounge on the beach or hang out by the pool
Giant floats to take pictures with or chill on when in the pool
Beach toys if you are bringing along young children to your Bintan getaway
Medication for simple health upsets that may happen - fever, flu, cough, stomachache, diarrhoea, and vomiting medications are good things to pack
Hats and sunglasses to keep yourself more protected from the sun
A good-quality, waterproof camera (at Club Med, we allow guests to rent GoPros and we will help you stitch together footage afterwards!)
Some aloe vera gel for if you do get sunburned somehow
Backpacks/totes/sling bags to store your items for when you are out exploring Bintan (ideally waterproof)
A waterproof case for your cellphone

Last but not least, be sure to bring along a luggage bag that is sturdy and can contain all your items nicely without anything breaking on the way to, at, or on the way back from Bintan. Bring a large enough one to store any souvenirs you buy or items you shop for during your stay here on this beautiful island. We wish you a wonderful Bintan getaway!