Bali is famous for having clear, turquoise waters and some of the best waves for surfing. Besides surfing, there are tons of other water activities you can do in Bali including snorkelling and kayaking. At Club Med Bali, we have a selection of water sports you can take part in with the whole family. And the best part is, they are accessible right in front of the resort. Below are the various exciting water sports on offer at Club Med.

Learn to Windsurf

If you find surfing on the big waves intimidating or if you just want to try a different form of surfing, then windsurfing is a great idea. We offer windsurfing group lessons for all skill levels, even for children from the age of eight. You can begin with a Waterstart or Beachstart lesson depending on your experience.

You'll have instructors to teach you how to balance on the board, how to harness and change your direction with the wind, and other windsurfing techniques. Once you're familiar with your windsurf board, you can surf on your own to your heart's content and sail over the waves right in front of the resort.

Catch Some Waves on the Indian Ocean

One of the top activities on the island is surfing, and our resort in Nusa Dua is close to several beaches that are famous for their waves. If you've no experience but are keen on surfing at Club Med Bali, we can arrange lessons that'll help you ride the waves in no time.

Club Med is a suitable location to stay at if you want world-class facilities, all-inclusive dining and amenities, and easy access to surf beaches. The nearby beaches are great for surfers of all skill levels, even first-timers. Our surfing packages are available for kids from 11 years old, so you can even take lessons together with them.

Kayak on Bali's Clear Waters

If you want a break from the more demanding water activities and island excursions, why not go for a few rounds of kayaking? You can take a short kayaking lesson on Club Med Bali's beach if you have no experience, or you can just jump right in and paddle yourself. Our kayaks fit up to two people, so you can experience kayaking with another person in the boat.

Alternatively, you and your friends can all paddle in separate boats and just enjoy the gliding over the idyllic waters. Our kayaks are available to all guests from six years old, so you'll be able to spend some relaxing time on the water with your kids.

Go Snorkelling with the Fishes

There's nothing more relaxing than snorkelling among the fishes in Bali's clear, shallow waters. There are three main snorkelling spots around Club Med, each just a 10-minute boat ride away. All you need to do to enjoy a short underwater adventure is hop on the boat and let us take you to the best snorkelling spots in Bali. We also provide all the equipment you need for your dive. Our snorkelling sessions are suitable for children as young as eight years old, so even your kids can enjoy the colourful marine life of the island

Learn to Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddling is a great alternative to surfing at Club Med Bali. This exciting yet laid-back water activity uses a paddleboard which is the ancestor to the modern surfboard. The board is made for you to paddle on it in a standing position and it's stable on the water, making this activity suitable for beginners. However, if you're feeling adventurous, you can take your paddleboard to ride some waves just like regular surfing. It's a unique experience that's not to be missed when you're here!

With the various beaches and diving spots nearby, there's no shortage of water sports you can dive in at Club Med Bali. So get started on planning your dream holiday at Club Med and have all the water activities you want right on your doorstep.

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