Bintan Island is a well-known holiday haven for Singaporeans due to its close proximity and easy accessibility. With just a short ferry ride, you will find beautiful sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, calming waves and many exciting activities available for you!

Given our busy lifestyles, it may be hard to take time off at times but here’s a guide on what you can do in Bintan Island even if you only have 24 hours. Fret not as you can still have lots of fun and time to relax even within this short timeframe!

Day 1: Morning

Once you get to Bintan Island, take some time to explore the island by going to Tanjung Pinang. This town is the heart of Bintan and there is lots to see and do here. Wander around the bustling streets and check out the old colonial buildings, remnants of the rich heritage of this place.

If you like shopping, this is also a great place to check out the street vendors and many stalls selling everything from souvenirs, street food and dried seafood. It is also worth taking a 15-min boat ride to Penyengat Island from Tanjung Pinang to visit this 18th Century fort town. Here, you will find the Grand Mosque, a palace complex belonging to the old Sultan and many historical monuments. Truly a cultural marvel!

Day 1: Afternoon

With some sightseeing done, it’s time for some exhilarating activities! One of the best things to do in Bintan Island is to enjoy the water sports and explore the interesting underwater life here. Whether you are here with family or friends, you will be sure to enjoy a selection of water sports such as snorkeling, diving, ski-scooter riding and so much more.

Here at Club Med Bintan Island, we offer a range of activities such as snorkeling, paddling, kayaking and sailing. Take full advantage of our facilities but also take note that some of these water activities are only available from April to October given the monsoon seasons.

Day 1: Evening

After a full day of activities, you must be starving so head over to the night food market in Rimba Jaya! This is also a popular spot among the locals so it will be packed, but for very good reasons. Here you will find a night market and food market combined, with a variety of sumptuous local fares such as grilled seafood, oyster omelet and many other Indonesian dishes. After dinner, stroll around the night market for some souvenir shopping as well as other goods like clothing, toys and snacks!

If you want a different experience, why not embark on our unforgettable sunset cruise? At Club Med Bintan Island, we offer our sunset cruise on a luxury eco yacht followed by a delicious seafood dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants here. The highlight of this cruise is the solar powered electric motor which is extremely quiet so you can enjoy the cruise in peace. This is a great way to end your first night!

Day 2: Morning

Now that you’ve experienced the water sports, sunset and local food, spend your last few hours in Bintan Island by getting to know the local cultures. There are several interesting heritage sites that are worth visiting such as the Chinese temples located on the southwest part of the island.

These temples are built by the first Chinese settlers in Bintan, and one which you must see is a 200-year old temple partially engulfed by a large Banyan tree. Take your time to soak in the peaceful sight and pray for good fortunes while you’re at it. Another temple worth checking out is the Thousand Face Temple known for its many life-size Buddhist statues. The majestic architecture here will wow you while the carefully-manicured garden will be a nice stroll for visitors.

If you prefer something more relaxing, use your last remaining hours on this island relaxing at your resort. At Club Med Bintan Island, we have an overflow freshwater pool, a beachside bar as well as a wide range of leisure activities catered just for you so you can soak in the relaxing vibe of Bintan Island!

There is indeed a lot to do and see in Bintan which you may not be able to cover in just 24 hours. Why not spend at least 2 to 3 nights to truly get the most out of your relaxing getaway? That way, you will have time to rejuvenate your mind and body, and still have space for some exciting activities to make your trip a memorable one!

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