Located a little less than an hour’s ferry ride from Singapore, Bintan Island is the ideal weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors flock the island for its serene beaches, breathtaking sights and fascinating local culture. What many may not know, however, is that Bintan Island is also the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a hiking adventure.

Enjoy A Panoramic View At The Peak of Mount Bintan

If your idea of a holiday includes scaling the heights of hills and mountains and breathing in wonderful sights of nature, then you will be pleased to know that you can do that in Bintan Island as well. Further inland and away from the beaches, the island is covered in lush tropical jungle with hiking tracks leading up to the Bintan’s highest peak: Mount Bintan. At 340 meters, it is a manageable 3 to 4-hour hike suitable for everyone including beginners. Hikers will be rewarded at the summit with an incredible 360-degree view of the entire island so this is definitely a must do in Bintan Island!

If the promise of a panoramic view does not entice you enough, then the scenic journey to the top will. The dense rainforest leading up to the peak is adorned with the best of flora and fauna, including ancient trees that tower all the way up to 40 metres in height. You will also certainly spot rare animals and plants along the way, with the likes of silver leaf monkeys, deers, tropical birds and exotic flowers making this rainforest their habitat.

If you are hiking with a guide, ask if you could pick out some of the seasonal fruits you see along the way such as jackfruit, banana, mangosteen and papaya. These fruits will serve as a wonderful treat when you descend from the mountain and settle for a break by the “Princess’ Pool”! You will also find a magnificent waterfall in which you can stand under the cascading water to enjoy an aqua massage and refreshing dip. It’s the perfect end to a fun adventurous hike!

While this is not a difficult hike, remember to wear proper shoes (sneakers/trekking boots) and apply mosquito repellent to avoid bug bites.

Explore the Sand Dunes of Gurun Pasir Bintan

If hiking in a tropical rainforest is not your cup of tea, consider exploring the sand dunes at Bintan Island. Yes, despite being an island with jungles and beaches, you will also miraculously find a strip of desert in Bintan Island!

Gurun Pasir Bintan is located in Busung, off the southwest part of the island. It used to be a quarry for a mining area which has now been transformed into majestic sand dunes that you can take wonderful pictures with. You will also find incredibly picturesque clear blue water ponds due to the mineral residues from the mines. Not many tourists are aware of these dunes yet, so it is quite a hidden gem to many!

While Gurun Pasir Bintan is not technically a real desert, it is still worth a visit for something different and exciting! Remember to bring lots of water as it can be sweltering at the sand dunes, though you will find some small stalls selling much-desired coconut water and snacks there.

Bintan Island has so much to offer, whether you are only here for a short weekend getaway or a longer week-long retreat. At Club Med Bintan Island, we ensure all your needs are taken care of with five-star accommodation, facilities and hospitality. We also offer a range of leisure activities and excursions for a convenient and fuss-free vacation, just as you deserve! Book a package with us today or speak to our travel advisor if you’d like to find out more.

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