Bintan Island is an amazing place to have a seaside vacation, and if you stay at Club Med Bintan, you definitely have most things sorted to have the best trip ever. Besides the beach, Club Med Bintan offers a variety of other activities to help you explore Bintan and get different types of experiences. One of the excursions we offer is to a Bintan water theme park called Crystal Lagoon Salt Water Park, where you can enjoy a number of fun adrenaline-inducing activities!

Introduction to Bintan’s Most Well-Known Water Theme Park

Crystal Lagoon is a 6.3-hectare manmade seawater lagoon with a surface area equal to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools. The water is 2.5 metres deep but has a gradual slope, so there are places that even young children can play in. An energy-efficient lagoon, the theme park uses only 2% of the energy used by conventional pools, and less than 100 times fewer chemical products too. On top of that, the lagoon runs on a closed-circuit which means resources are maximised and additional water is only topped up to replace water lost to evaporation. Because of this, this Bintan water theme park is very eco-friendly and thus, very different from other theme parks you may have been to!

Exciting Activities at Crystal Lagoon Salt Waterpark

So, sure, its general features make it seem like an amazing Bintan water theme park on paper. But don’t worry, it’s not just impressive eco-friendliness that makes Crystal Lagoon stand out. The water park has a number of activities that every member of the family can enjoy. For the kids, they can waddle around in the shallow end of the lagoon, without you having to fear that they will be swept up by the waves (because there are none in the lagoon!). There are also a number of floats that the kiddos can play on to maximise their time in the sun.

For those who love the adrenaline rush that various water sports can offer, there is plenty to do to get that blood pumping and adrenaline soaring. Among the exciting things you can do here include:

  • Propel yourself high into the sky with the Jetovator, which functions as a jet pack and pushes you above water using high water pressure. A truly thrilling experience for water lovers!

  • Be dragged across the water and enjoy the wind in your hair by getting on a cable ski. Feel like a skateboarding superstar without the risk of falling smack into the pavement!

  • Compete with your family members or friends at our Water Sports Park which features “Wipeout” style structures. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s a lot of good splashing fun!

  • Get yourself a sea scooter and dive easier into the lagoon with some motorised help.

If you prefer activities that are more relaxing, there are options for that too. You can get on a Solar Boat, or simply paddle around the lagoon with a partner on the Water Tricycle. The bumper boats are also a lot of fun, and very easily manoeuvred. Stand up paddling, kayaking, and snorkelling are also popular activities at this Bintan water theme park.

Don’t Miss Out on This and Other Club Med Bintan Activities!

Besides going to the Crystal Lagoon Salt Waterpark, there are plenty of other excursions you can consider joining when you stay at Club Med Bintan. Other activities you can do here include land and water sports, as well as indulging in entertainment provided in-house by our staff. We assure you boredom will not be a problem when you stay with us, so book your trip with Club Med Bintan now!

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