All-Inclusive Holidays In Asia

From the famous temples in Bali and the pristine beaches of Bintan Island, to the wild jungles and secluded beaches of Malaysia and the lively atmosphere of Phuket, our Asian holiday destinations have it all. Asia boasts some of the world's best foodie destinations, from the spices of Thailand to sumptuous dumplings in, it's also home to some of the world's oldest cultures and longstanding traditions.


Welcome to Club Med, on Indonesia's island of grace. Sun, smiles, gentle manners and delicious delicacies await you in an exotically colourful setting for a heavenly Balinese holiday. Immersed in nature and Indonesian culture, Club Med's Bali Resort combines exoticism with Club Med comfort and a generous array of activitites,

Bintan Island

Recharge and get ready for anything. Journey to a private island paradise where wellness is at the core of the experience. Club Med Bintan will tailor family or couples’ getaways to elevate fitness routines, offer healthful dining options, and a wealth of fun activities and sports to reinvigorate the body and relax the mind. Located only 1 hour from Singapore, which is perfect for weekend getaways, discover crystal clear waters, white long sandy beaches, and swaying palms at our all-inclusive retreat.

Cherating Beach

Your all-inclusive holiday in a Malaysian paradise begins with a stay at Club Med, where you can enjoy a host of activities in a tropical jungle.
Club Med Cherating Beach lies between the forest and the South China Sea, in 85 hectares of a beautifully preserved tropical Eden.


Phuket Club Med in Thailand is dedicated to peace and relaxation. The turquoise sea completes the picture of a totally zen Resort, in beautiful Kata Bay. With its bungalows in the local style, sublime gardens and pool enhanced by lawn and teak, your all-inclusive holiday in Thailand will suspend you in a timeless moment of paradise.

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Kabira Ishigaki

In the far south of the Japanese archipelago, east of Taiwan, Ishigaki Island welcomes you with its heavenly beaches and turquoise sea.
The Kabira Ishigaki Resort blends tradition and modernity with the elegance for which Japan is famous.
With its comfortable, bright, contemporary rooms and refined architecture, Club Med promises an all-inclusive stay in Japan in a truly sublime setting.

Tomamu Hokkaido

A beacon for sports and adventure enthusiasts from across the globe, Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido all-inclusive Resort is centrally located in the heart of Hokkaido island and offers a prime mountain getaway for hiking, exploring, cycling, and discovering wildlife. Fresh seafood, premium Wagyu beef, and award-winning locally brewed spirits make this a thrilling destination to explore all summer long.


Enjoy an all-inclusive holiday in continental China at the Guilin Club Med Resort in the country's south-western region. Surrounded by mysterious mountains perched above the River Li, the grounds of the Guilin Resort are a fabulous open-air museum of contemporary sculptures. This is the ideal opportunity to discover the art of Tai-Chi, or try the flying trapeze. You'll be charmed by the charms of this wonderful Chinese city, known as the "summit of the arts".

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Our Travel Tips For Asia

If you’re planning a trip to Asia, there are a couple of things you should organise well in advance. One of the most important things to look into is a country’s visa requirements.

Many countries in Asia, particularly those in Southeast Asia, issue tourist visas on arrival, but this isn’t the case everywhere. Before booking your trip, it’s a good idea to contact the embassies or consuls of the countries you’ll be visiting to get specific advice and information.

Also, depending on where you’ll be travelling, you may need certain vaccinations such as Hepatitis A/Typhoid and Tetanus/Diphtheria. Check our country pages to see what vaccinations are recommended for the countries you’ll be passing through.

Travelling With Kids In Asia

Some of the best family-friendly holiday destinations are in Asia. From snorkelling in Thailand to skiing in Japan, Asian holidays are bound to be memorable for the whole family.

Asia is generally very safe to visit with kids, some areas may be more suitable than others, especially if you’re travelling with younger children. For instance, while older kids will likely enjoy visiting bustling cities like Beijing or Tokyo, it may be more difficult to navigate these places with smaller children.

Fortunately, if you’re planning to stay in one of the many all-inclusive resorts Asia has to offer, much of the planning will be taken care of for you.

All Club Med resorts provide filtered water and adhere to the strictest standards of food safety, but you should always take additional precautions when exploring areas outside of your resort, such as buying bottled water and avoiding street food.

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