Bintan Island is a popular holiday destination known for its splendid beaches and clear waters. Located less than an hour’s ferry ride away from Singapore, it is the perfect vacation for those looking for a quick getaway to rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

For those who are looking for a holiday with absolute convenience, Club Med Bintan Island offers all-in-one holiday packages so you can enjoy your time off in peace. Here are some of our top leisure activities thoughtfully curated for visitors to Bintan Island:

Night entertainment for everyone

Let your hair down, you deserve it! We have a selection of after-dinner activities for our guests, whether you’re up for a night of dancing or prefer watching a live show instead.

Bintan Island is known for its interesting and eclectic mix of different cultures, so you will be sure to be enchanted by our evening entertainment at the theatre. Take a seat and prepare to be transported to a different world as our dancers and performers take the stage. You may even learn a move or two which you can try after the show! Head to our bar after as it will be transformed to a livelier ambience so you can dance the night away with old and new friends.

Be invigorated by our pool activities

After a day at the beach, head towards our swimming pool for a leisurely swim, to suntan at the deck chairs, or to join our pool activities. At our swimming pool, we offer Aquafitness group lessons for those who are looking for gentle exercises that are both fun and effective. Our instructor will guide you through a series of aquarobics moves that will be sure to get your heart pumped and body toned. These group lessons are available for those above the age of 16.

If you prefer something more energetic, come join our water polo games where you can meet new people and play a fun game of water polo together. Kids between the age of 8 and 11 can join the water polo session at our Mini Club Med , while the rest can join at the main swimming pool. We guarantee it will be a fun time for everyone!

Get moving with our indoor and outdoor sports selection

Besides pool activities, we also have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities available for those looking to spend some quality time with their family or friends. Try a your hand at petanque (boules) if you’ve never done it before and work out a sweat in a friendly yet competitive game of table tennis.

We also have French billiards on demand so if you would like to practice or learn to play billiards, just ask any of our friendly staff for access. Indulge in these fun and easy-to-learn games to destress on your holiday!

Learning new cooking skills

Indonesian cuisine is one of the best things to explore in Bintan Island, and if you’ve fallen in love with the food here, we will go one step further and teach you how to cook it! In fact, learning to cook a particular cuisine is the best way to get to know its culture, so come join us for a gastronomy session.

Our Chef will start with a demonstration and explanation of the types of Indonesian dishes that are popular here, and each participant can then learn the simple steps with the kitchen tools provided. Then, you will get to the best part and get to taste all the dishes you and others have cooked! All participants will also be given a recipe book that they can experiment with at home, apron and certificate.

Indonesian cuisine can be fairly complex in taste and flavours, but you will be surprised at how much you can learn with us. Impress your loved ones upon your return from Bintan Island with not just souvenirs but some authentic Indonesian dishes!

This cooking lesson is available to all from age 12 and up

Vacations at Club Med Bintan Island are exciting as our activities are curated to inject the local culture so that our guests experience the best even at the comfort of the resort. Book a package with us today or speak to our travel advisor if you’d like to find out more!

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