A Bintan holiday is the ideal beach getaway; the island has a similar charm to Bali, but with more focus on the beaches rather than the temples. If you’re already planning your holiday here, you may be wondering, “When is the best time to visit Bintan Island?”. Well, let’s find out by first learning about the climate in Bintan.

Bintan’s Weather in a Nutshell

Going during the rainy season can ruin your Bintan holiday especially if you plan to spend most of that holiday at the beach. The dry season in Bintan is generally from March to October, though January and February have few rain days as well. Rain on a tropical island like Bintan tends to occur sporadically through the year, though you have the highest chance of encountering heavy rains during the months of November and December when the monsoon season begins.

The hottest months in Bintan are in the middle of the year, circa May-June. For lots of water activities and spending days at the beach, this is the best time to visit in terms of climate. Don’t forget the waterproof sunscreen though; Bintan’s high humidity will likely have you sweating quite a bit.

Local Festivities in Bintan

If you want to maximise the number of things to see and do on your Bintan holiday, then it would be good to know of some special occasions celebrated by the locals, so that you can also join in the festivities (or at least watch). The people of Bintan celebrate most Muslim festival, the biggest one being Idul Fitri or more commonly known as Lebaran. The timing of this particular festival varies, but the more important thing to note is that before this festival is the month of Ramadhan, where Muslims don’t eat or drink from sunup to sundown. During Ramadhan, things will be slower than usual on the island, and it can be more difficult to find good places to eat during the fasting period. If this is a concern for you, it’s not that you can’t come to Bintan during Ramadhan; however, you may find it best to stay at a resort such as Club Med Bintan where food will always be available.

A very happening month in Bintan is October, where a number of festivities are celebrated by the locals. The most well-known by tourists is the International Dragon Boat Festival race, which happens at the end of October or early November. At this race, watch contestants coordinate harmoniously to reach the finish line first in colourful long dragon boats and attire. There’s also Youth Oath day at the end of October where thousands of lanterns are released to the sky, and Sungai Carang Festival where hundreds, if not thousands, of colourful boats and yachts leave Tanjung Pinang to go to neighbouring islands.

When is the Best Time to Visit Bintan Island, Then?

The answer to this is not clear-cut, because it really depends. If you’re coming from Singapore and hate crowds, the first tip we can give you is to avoid coming during the public holiday or school holiday season in your country. If that’s not the concern, then the best time to visit Bintan Island is when it is dry season (March-October). If seeing local festivities is important to you, then it would be good to go during the tail-end of the dry season.
However, if you are coming to Club Med Bintan for your Bintan holiday, then it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is; you’ll find plenty to do and eat within the resort itself, and if you are itching to go out, you can join our various excursions. That’s a deal that is hard to beat, so start booking your stay now!

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