Bintan Island may be known to many Singaporeans for its pristine beaches and beautiful resorts, but there is a world of shopping that can be done here too. Not only is it a duty-free zone, most shops accept Singaporean dollars as well as Indonesian rupiahs which makes it very convenient.

Whether you are looking for affordable souvenirs to bring home, or branded goods on discounts, or to sample some local fare, shopping is definitely one of the top things to do in Bintan Island.

Here is a list of top five shopping spots in Bintan Island:

1. Plaza Lagoi

Where: Sebong Lagoi, Teluk Sebong, Bintan Regency
When: Open 24 hours

Located 15 mins from Club Med Bintan, you can find 24 hours Plaza Lagoi. Home to over 60 shops, you can find a selection of F&B, retail and entertainment outlets conveniently located in one place. You can also do your souvenir-shopping here as well as find apparels from local Indonesian brands.

During the weekends, you will find Plaza Lagoi Weekend Bazaar where local stalls featuring cheap street food and drinks congregate. Plaza Lagoi is located in front of a beach strip complete with shower facilities, making it the perfect place for families to visit, enjoy the day at the beach whilst sampling the local food!

There is also complimentary shuttle service from Club Med Bintan to Plaza Lagoi, just head over to our concierge for the schedule.

2. Tanjung Pinang Traditional Market

Where: Jalan Pasar Ikan, Tanjung Pinang
When: Daily 8am-5pm

In the main town of Bintan Island, about an hour and a half away, Tanjung Pinang is home to a variety of shop houses and street peddlers. The architecture here is worth a visit on its own, with influences from 19th Century Dutch colonization which adds to the heritage charm of the shops. Here, visitors will find a wide array of goods available, ranging from fresh produce, dried seafood to handicrafts, decorative ceramics and antiques. Don’t forget to try the local snacks and traditional kueh lapis found in this market.

If the shopping and haggling tires you out, you will be pleased to find that there are several spa options available. Enjoy affordable massages before venturing to the other wonderful destinations in Bintan Island!

3. Rimba Jaya Night Market

Where: Kemboja, West Tanjung Pinang
When: Daily 4.30pm-10pm

If your idea of shopping includes lots of pit stops for food, then Rimba Jaya Night Market is the place to be! This is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike as it is a bustling center of food and night market combined. Head here on an empty stomach for dinner and sample a wide variety of local fares such as grilled seafood, Bak Kut Teh, oyster omelette, and there is even a Japanese restaurant here!

Stroll your calories away in the night market next to the food center, selling items such as clothes, toys, souvenirs and snacks. There is even a futsal center and mini funfair for the children, as well as several cafes with creative murals as their backdrop.

4. Pasar Oleh-Oleh

Where: Lagoi
When: Daily 10am-11pm

Looking to grab some local souvenirs to take home to family and loved ones? you will find them here at Pasar Oleh-Oleh (local translation of Souvenir Market), including an array of Indonesian handicrafts and batik wear all at cheap prices. The shops here are housed in traditional-style rustic huts and offer a wide range of Indonesian delights, including local delicacies and a spa.

Some of the restaurants here also offer seating areas so you can comfortably enjoy your lunch or dinner here while soaking in the sounds and sights of the market.

5. Pujasera Shopping Market and Hawker Center

Where: Lagoi
When: Daily 7am-12am

For those looking to experience something more local, head over to Pujasera Hawker Center for a night of authentic Indonesian cuisine as well as a selection of arts and crafts. You will find delicious food offerings at a fraction of usual price, such as Goreng Pisang (banana fritters), Ayam Goreng (fried chicken), Soto Ayam (chicken noodle soup) and Indomie Goreng (fried noodles).

Items sold here are also cheaper given its target market of locals, so this is a perfect shopping spot in Bintan for those on a budget. There are also several mini marts if you need to stock up on essentials.

Pujasera Shopping Market is a short 10-min walk from Pasar Oleh-Oleh, near the employee’s quarters.

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