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Balancing tradition and modernity, Club Med 2 is reinventing the travel experience.

With five masts, 2,700 square meters of teak deck, mahogany rails and 184 cabins designed with simplicity and sophistication in mind, this human-sized sailing yacht echoes a time when cruises were synonymous with luxury, calmness and pleasure.

There are four guiding principles on board:
wellness, a festive spirit, a bond with the ocean and the delight of discovery.

Its modest size and shallow draft allow it to drop anchor in waters the giants of the seas would never dream of venturing into: an invitation to sail along the waves and the sea breezes of the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas and discover them under a new light.

Decks & Cabins

Elegant and innovative, the decor of our cruise ship is inspired by the routes and voyages of great navigators. Across several decks and 2000 m² of teak, the atmosphere is gentle, and all cabins have a sea view. On Deck D, we have ten spacious and comfortable suites, bathed in natural light, that are simply irresistible.

Discover the ship's layout

Superior Cabin

Each cabin, with an area of 18 m², offers you a splendid view of the landscapes during the cruise.
§ 55 Superior cabins on Deck B (lower deck)
§ 67 Superior cabins on Deck C (middle deck)
§ 48 Superior cabins on Deck D (upper deck)
Elevators are available at the bow (front) and stern (back) of the ship.

Fine Dining and Cocktails

Gourmet flavors

Discover irresistible cuisine reimagined and created by our partner, the French gastronomy school FERRANDI Paris, made with the finest ingredients and paired with great wines. On board our five-masted yacht, everything is truly included, even the snacking break or cocktails at the bar.

The Saint-Tropez

Located on the highest deck on the yacht, Le Saint-Tropez offers a quintessence buffet experience from breakfast to dinner. Choose to dine under the sun by the waves or in the cosy indoor dining room paired with a relaxed ambiance.

The Monte-Carlo

A chic and friendly atmosphere awaits at Le Monte-Carlo. Savour exquisite seasonal bistronomic menus focusing on fresh local flavours and which are specially designed with FERRANDI Paris, the French School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management.

In-Room Dining*

At your disposal, at any time, room service offers a selection of dishes prepared by our chef. This service is included in the package for guests staying in the Suites.

Only available from 11:00am to 11:00pm and at extra cost

A wide choice of activities on board our five-masted sailing yacht

In addition to admiring enchanting landscapes, staying active and fit is also a priority on board Club Med 2. The fitness center offers a range of activities to help you stay in shape, and for those seeking more thrilling experiences, the water sports hall provides opportunities to try water skiing or paddle boarding.

Get your masks on! Ready? Surf!

At the stern of the ship, the nautical hall allows you to defy the waves through a multitude of water activities included in your package:
§ Water skiing and wakeboarding school
§ Sailing
§ Windsurfing
§ Kayaking
§ Snorkeling
§ Stand-up paddleboarding
§ Wingfoiling & Wingsurfing
§ Wakeboarding
§ Tiwal
§ Hobie Mirage Eclipse
§ Paddle Board

The nautical hall is available for access only when the yacht is at anchor and subject to weather conditions

Cardio training room

Located on Deck G, the highest deck of the five-masted yacht, enjoy this fully renovated cardio training room with a 360° view of the sea. The equipment available to you will allow you to test your endurance.

For 18 years old and above only

The Pools

§ Deck G Pool:
Enjoy this sea water pool located on the highest deck of the five-mast yacht.

§ Deck E Pool:
Located on Deck E, this sea water pool offers a space for relaxation and tranquility at any time of the day.

Zen attitude

Journey to the land of senses

Indulge in moments of absolute well-being during your cruise with beauty, relaxation, or fitness options. In the refined 110 m² space of the spa, you can discover personalized programs provided by wellness specialists.

*At extra cost

Yoga by Heberson

Vibhava Yoga means "evolution" in Sanskrit. This is the promise of this method developed by Heberson. Enjoy a memorable Yoga experience in an exceptional setting through group classes, workshops, and specific practices (at additional cost).

Programs available:

-Vibhava Yoga - Immerse yourself in the world of Yoga with this complete, varied, and accessible practice for everyone, designed by Heberson. Work on muscles, joint flexibility, breathing, and concentration. The sequence of exercises, postures, relaxation, and meditation is the foundation of the classes.

-Vibhava Yoga soft - Practice by taking your time and listening to your body. Break down the movements to eliminate discomfort. Relaxation helps you achieve a state of deep relaxation.

-Wellness Workshops - The quest for well-being is at the heart of these workshops, inspired by Yoga. Choose one or more workshops: Relaxation and Meditation, Breathing, Back Pain, Strength and Endurance.

Beautiful Escapes

Explore new cultures, open yourself up to different worlds. Club Med 2 is a springboard for exploring the wonders that each stopover country has to offer.

A cruise full of discoveries

Absolute must, daytime stops provide a discovery of the most beautiful sites and jewels of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. In complete freedom, you can leave and return whenever you want. Beach shuttles run continuously, with even late stops, where the nights are the warmest.

Our Accompanied Excursions*

Immerse yourself in local culture by choosing our guided excursions. An optional excursion program is offered each day depending on the stops.

Book your excursions before departure, or also discover other excursions available for purchase upon arrival on board, subject to the maximum number of participants not being reached.

Excursions are non-interchangeable and subject to change depending on weather conditions and/or local authorities.

*At extra cost

The Club Med Spirit

We wouldn't miss for the world the shows, the Gala Evening, and all the exceptional moments imagined by the G.Os. For quieter evenings, enjoy the tranquility of the end of the day at sea on the deck or moments of discussion in the lounges.

Serene or Festive, it's up to you

The nights may seem too short as our fabulous five-masted ship continues its journey under the stars. Each evening brings a surprise orchestrated by a team of talented G.O.s who never lack imagination in creating unforgettable moments for you.

On the teak deck, with the sunset as a backdrop, the sea breeze invites you to cocktail parties while jazzy notes float from the bar. Club Med 2 does not fail to follow tradition, and chic attire is required for the captain's dinner. Embark on an unforgettable cruise with Club Med!

Embark on a cruise in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean!

We are happy and proud to sail you to the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, to sometimes secret stops where only our magnificent five-masted sailing yacht will drop anchor.

Don't see a sailing date or itinerary that you are looking for? Contact us for more information.