Discover our resort in Senegal

Lap up the country’s rich heritage and fantastic tropical beaches when you visit our majestic, family-friendly Senegal destinations. Our luxury all-inclusive Senegal holidays are completely hassle-free and are perfect for all the family, all year round. From golf holidays in Cap Skirring, to activity holidays in the lush pine forest, our Senegal holiday resorts have it all. Browse our all-inclusive Senegal holidays & get yourself ready for the sunshine!

Senegal Highlights

Between ocean and forest, a stay in this magical Senegalese paradise offers peace and plenty to do for your family

  • Perfect for adventurous family-friendly holidays
  • Sample grilled mangrove oysters inside authentic straw huts
  • Spectacular dances followed by a traditional Senegalese wrestling match
  • Enjoy fresh lobster on the beach
  • Climb aboard a motorised dugout and glide through the bolongs
  • Take a mountain bike ride through Diola villages

Jungle adventures

Lose yourself on a family holiday in the former fishing village of Cap Skirring, one of the most enchanting areas of Senegal. Relax on a majestic private beach, bordered by coconut and mango forests that can be explored by catamaran or canoe. Discover bustling villages and haggle for beautifully crafted items or simply soak up the natural wonders.

The flavours of Africa

No Senegal holiday is complete without boarding a 4x4 for a family adventure to see the astonishing fauna and flora of Casamance. Wave at playful monkeys and admire the beautiful plumage of our tropical birds. End the day at a traditional fishing port with a dinner of fresh seafood whilst watching a fascinating display of traditional dancing.

A rich and vibrant culture

Inspire your senses on your all-inclusive holiday in Senegal with a tour around Diola huts set in luxuriant tropical forests. Immerse yourself in the local culture with family workshops in cookery, batik or silkscreen printing. See how cashew nuts are harvested and processed or explore the nostalgic charms and rich history of Carabane island.


  • Flying time: 25 hours
  • Time difference: -8 hours
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
  • Best time to visit: Nov-May
  • Well known for: Rich heritage - Natural discoveries
  • Languages: Wolof - French

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