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We are surrounded by distractions, and with distractions, it's often that we find ourselves divided in attention without the freedom of being truly present. However, being present is not easy. Hindrances like regret, anxiety, and worrying are the common ‘bad guys’ when you try to be mindful of your surroundings. Adopt the mindset of, ‘if I worry, I suffer twice'. This means that when you think about the problem and stress over it, you suffer, and when the actual situation takes place, you suffer yet again. Aside from this mindset, there are other helpful things you can do to be in the moment with your partner. Here are 4 tips on how you can stay present during your vacation.

1. Cut down time on your devices

We have different reasons for worrying, which can be related to work, family, friends, et cetera. While on vacation, the best way to truly enjoy the moment is to cut down on screen time. Your phone is the most important link to cut off. You would not want to get work-related notifications that distract you from the present. If you wish to take pictures and upload them to social media, try having a designated time to take pictures, possibly after the activity is done. Try to make the most out of your time with your partner by focusing your attention on him or her and what is happening at that moment. To illustrate, if you and your partner find yourselves at a beach, try to clear your mind and enjoy the situation using all your senses. Feel the breeze, look at the waves, and listen to the sound of the waves crashing, this would be the perfect time to also express your feelings to your partner, linking this pleasant moment to a strong conversation with your partner.

2. Have a plan laid out

Being in a relationship, each party has to deal with their fair share of compromise. Engaging in activities that your partner enjoys may not directly bring you happiness, however, when you take their desires into consideration and make an effort to participate in them, it can create a unique and meaningful bond between the two of you. Try not to be the only one contributing to the itinerary, instead have a blend of things you both enjoy and try doing things outside of your comfort zones as well. That new activity might become something you both enjoy together.

3. Do not pack your days with too much activities

You do not want to end up more drained than you were before your vacation. Overplanning could lead to rushing special moments; instead, try to make your schedule as flexible as possible. It’s completely fine to cancel plans and instead have some quality time to yourselves without doing anything, because sometimes even doing nothing is doing something.

4. Make a vacation playlist

Relating to the first point, people experience the moment in more than one way. People tend to have a strong sense of nostalgia when finding a familiar smell dating back to their childhood. Making a playlist does just that, but for your sense of hearing. Revisiting a song you and your partner listened to on vacation can trigger a strong emotional response. Think of your vacation playlist as a means of transporting yourself back to a special moment.

Follow these four tips on how to stay present and create unforgettable memories with your loved one. Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner or significant other? Enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner by visiting our luxury resort in the Finolhu Villas. Don't miss out on fully enjoying your vacation with state-of-the art facilities and accommodations at Club Med today!

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