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Marriage is not easy, after years of working through the ups and downs of life together, every married couple deserves a getaway to relax and a reminder of why the knot was tied in the first place. What better time to rekindle the memories and your love for each other than during your wedding anniversaries. However, it can be a challenge to plan things out; you might even be wondering where to start, but worry not. Here are some tips to get you started on planning a luxurious wedding anniversary getaway that will remain significant in years to come.

1. Plan the trip together

During the early planning stages, the first step is to establish a budget plan, including accommodations, food and drinks, expenses for the activities, and, more importantly, an emergency fund. After organising the funds, you and your partner can start listing the activities for the itinerary. We all need some time to recharge our batteries and go on a trip as a means of escapism. However, what makes planning a trip with your significant other so special is the fact that they would probably know what activities you enjoy or dislike. Have a timeframe in which your partner plans out the activities while you are unaware of the itinerary. Leaving room for a little bit of spontaneity with the element of surprise can enhance your anniversary.

2. Disconnect from distractions

People have evolved to depend on their phones, so much so that our smartphones are extensions of us. The dopamine release we crave when using our smartphones can sometimes cause us to overlook special moments. The last thing you’d want is to get a work-related notification during your holiday. Try disconnecting your devices to really be in the moment, or rather, have a designated time to go through your phones. Another tip would be to take pictures at the end of an activity rather than during it. This way, you are actively experiencing the moment instead of thinking about sharing it on social media, for example.

3. Organise romantic meals

Try planning your romantic meal around the significance of something special. For instance, in corporate, an inside joke or maybe something significant that only you and your partner would get, treat it like your first date, dress to impress, and talk about shared memories together. Sometimes, revisiting these memories can replenish the spark in the relationship.

4. Surprise your partner

Choose a specific day or moment during your getaway to surprise your partner with something special. It could be a surprise activity, a gift, or a romantic gesture that will leave a lasting impression. Consider your partner's interests, preferences, and hobbies when planning the surprise. Think about something meaningful and sentimental that will touch their heart and create a lasting memory. It could be arranging a private dinner under the stars, a couples' spa day, or even a surprise renewal of vows.

Planning a wedding anniversary getaway is a challenge, but only you can make it as meaningful as possible, even without all the luxurious treats. Experience the perfect romantic getaway when you visit Club Med all-inclusive resort at The Finolhu Villas and Tomamu Hokkaido. Here, you can focus on spending time with your loved one while we handle everything at the back. So take a step back, breathe, and plan the trip together, because at the end of the day, it's the shared experiences and the love between the two of you that truly matter.

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