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A romantic getaway can sometimes seem out of reach for many parents, especially when they have one or two (or maybe more) children. But that scenario certainly doesn’t spell the end of your romance novella dreams. With the right approach, planning, and destination, it’s possible to enjoy an evening or two of romancing with your partner while ensuring your children are well taken care of and entertained.

If you’re determined to make the most out of the precious quality time you have with your significant other, we have a few tips to help keep things lovey-dovey while you travel with the kids.

Pick a Romantic but Kid-Friendly Location

This is quite the obvious tip, but choosing a destination that appeals to both parents and children is essential when you travel with kids. You wouldn’t want your child to be sulking the entire time just because you picked somewhere “boring”, would you? And neither is it preferable to have a getaway with the family in the most unromantic places in the world.

The solution? Pick a destination where the kids get to have their fun under the sun while you enjoy your romantic getaway with your partner. Romantic destinations à la Phuket, Cherating Beach, or Bali would be your best choice here — and Club Med does indeed offer all-inclusive resort holidays at each of these exotic destinations.

The best part is that childcare services are also available so that you can spend more time with your partner!

Make Some Alone Time to Spend With Your Partner

Whether or not you’re on a getaway with family, some alone time with the spouse is always needed. Though successfully having a romantic escape for couples is easier said than done with kids around. This is where Club Med’s Mini Club Med + comes in.

Similar to Club Med’s patented childcare services, Mini Club Med + offers parents a respite from the daily chaotic energy of their children to allow them to once again stoke the flames of romance. Specifically, Mini Club Med + provides activities for children of varying ages that are supervised by trained and experienced staff. Children can explore activities that feature four themes: sports, creativity, expression, and games.

From the flying trapeze to an introduction to water skiing to cooking classes and then some, Mini Club Med + encapsulates the perfect core childhood memories that your children will definitely appreciate. As for the lovely couple, you’ll finally get to have that romantic getaway you’ve been looking forward to. Relax, unwind, and reconnect with your partner. A win-win in our books!

Engage Your Kids With Some Exciting Activities

Speaking of activities, each of Club Med’s world-class resorts offers a diverse range of activities that children of all ages can enjoy. From the moment your kids step foot in one of our resorts, they’ll be greeted with a plethora of activities to keep them entertained while the parents go on a short romantic getaway.

Couples with little ones need not fret either. Club Med offers creative arts and crafts where younger kids can express their creativity and bring their imagination to life. But for the more adventurous child, there are rock climbing, zip-lining, and even basic sailing classes to enjoy. These activities work to help your kids stay engaged while also building their confidence to pursue other ventures in the future.

Moreover, education isn’t forgotten either. There are a few educational programmes that children can join to learn about the local culture and wildlife. There are even cooking classes for young, budding chefs to follow.

All of these interactive sessions work well in not only expanding knowledge but also providing a fun and engaging way to learn for the young ones.

Romance Is in the Air at Club Med

A romantic escape for couples with kids isn’t always entirely impossible. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice time with your spouse to keep your child entertained throughout the day. With our all-inclusive vacation packages, both parents and children will be well taken care of with luxurious amenities and an array of exciting activities at any one of Club Med’s breathtaking resort locations.

So pack your bags, bring your child’s favourite safety blanket, and let Club Med handle the rest. Your dream of a romantic escape with your loved one and children is just one reservation away.

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