The 45 T-shirt, symbol of Club Med, a unifying and sometimes even a collector's piece.

The 45 T-shirt is an institution at Club Med. For 30 years, it has been uniting guests around events, values and happy memories. Different colours, motifs, shapes: There's something for everyone. Some people even collect the rarest pieces.

Story of a Club Med symbol

In 1995, Club Med celebrated its 45th anniversary and created this commemorative T-shirt with the inscription “45”. It was an immediate hit and was so successful that people still talk about it today and it remains the most popular T-shirt with guests.

In 2010, an open competition was organised to create a new design for the 45 T-shirt to celebrate Club Med's 60th anniversary. The most inspired and creative designers were rewarded and the new T-shirt went on sale in a Parisian concept store opened specially for the occasion.

A T-shirt like every guest

Although the 45 T-shirt is available in all Club Med resorts, every season, it features details inspired by fashion with a new design, new colours, added detailing, etc. New collections are launched each year. With long sleeves, round or V-neck, football style or tank top: a whole range of possibilities to cater to all your wishes and every trend.

The designs vary depending on the geographical areas where they will be sold. In Asia, for example, the 45 is replaced by an 88. Why? Quite simply because the number 8 is synonymous with good luck there.

In Greece, you might get the chance to buy a 45 T-shirt in the colours of the national flag, with blue and white stripes. In Mexico, it's inspired by the famous day of the dead with traditional motifs, paying homage to the local culture.

Some 45 T-shirts are designed in honour of special events, like the 2016 European Football Championship. For that occasion, the 45 T-shirts were produced in the colours of the participating countries.

Lastly, children have their own T-shirt too. As well as the classic designs, some are deliberately humorous with slogans like “future Chef de Village” (future resort manager) on the back.

An everlasting souvenir and a collector's piece

More than a simple piece of clothing, the 45 T-shirt is a sign of unity in the resorts. It's also a dress code: sold only in the resorts, with the name of the resort on the back. It can be worn to celebrate moments of sharing and to show that you belong to a second family, that of Club Med. It is often associated with guests' best holiday memories and reminds them of a place, a year and particular feelings.

As well as the sentimental value that it may have, the 45 T-shirt has sometimes even become a collector's piece. Like football shirts that are associated with a team, an era or a style, some 45 T-shirts have come from far away, are older or rarer than others and are thus more valuable.

In the same way, other 45 branded products are very sought-after, such as polo shirts, shirts and bags.

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