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Packing can be a stressful and time-consuming task when getting ready for a trip, but knowing how to properly utilise your suitcase’s space can definitely ease the burden. Some people get so overwhelmed by managing the space in their luggage that they miss out on crucial items for the trip. Listing down the essentials can always help; however, strategically compartmentalising them is another added challenge. To make the process easier and more efficient, here are the top 5 simple packing hacks you can use for your next adventure.

1. The ziploc packing method

Depending on your next vacation destination, it's always best to have preventative measures for the worst-case scenario, like having something spill over your luggage. Although this is concerning, ziploc bags are lifesavers when it comes to messy situations. Neatly roll your clothes and arrange them side by side in the ziploc bag to prevent dirtying your clothes or other essentials. Utilising the ziploc method will have you fearlessly enjoying your vacation regardless of a sandy beach day. You can never go wrong with the ziploc method, as you also save space within your luggage.

2. Wear your baggy clothes when travelling

Wearing your baggier or looser fitting clothes on route to your destination can be beneficial to saving space in your luggage while keeping your essentials close by. However, an added challenge might present itself if you are travelling to a location with a hotter climate.

3. Use cling-wrap for liquid based products when travelling

The ziploc packing method is perfect for external spills, but how about internal spills from liquid-based products in your luggage, like shampoo or lotion? This is where cling wrap comes in handy to keep you from smelling like the soap aisle. First, remove the cap from your liquid-based product, then seal the opening with cling wrap. Lastly, screw the cap back on, and there you have it—you have now liquid-proofed your luggage from both internal and external spills.

4. Pack non-wrinkle clothes

Packing non-wrinkled clothes means less time spent on ironing and more vacation time. Non-wrinkled clothes are also a preventative measure if the place you are staying does not have an iron.

5. Pack necessities in the easy-to-access compartments

Packing your essentials in easily accessible compartments can enhance your safety. For instance, if you are travelling alone or in an unfamiliar place, having your identification documents, medication, and other crucial items in a readily accessible location can help you in case of an emergency. The smaller, more easily accessible zippers at the side of your luggage or backpack are meant for such compartmentalisation, if you have allergies, try keeping your EpiPen close by or in view, if possible. This way, people might be able to help you with the administration of the EpiPen if need be. However, you can also pack items in easy-to-access compartments, such as earplugs, an eye mask, a neck pillow, et cetera, to enhance your comfort.

By following these packing tips, you can ensure that you're well-prepared and organised for your next adventure. With a stress-free packing process, you can focus on enjoying your travels and making unforgettable memories. If you're ready to take the next step and embark on a worry-free vacation, why not consider Club Med? Looking for an island getaway with family or friends? Be sure to check out our all-inclusive resorts in Bintan or Kani Resort located in Maldives. If you would like to experience a ‘snow holiday’ then the brand new Kiroro Grand Resort in Hokkaido may be what you are looking for. Our all-inclusive resorts offer a luxurious experience that caters to all your needs, while our world-class service ensures your stay is unforgettable.

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