No vacation would be complete without getting souvenirs. After all, souvenirs are great mementos that you can keep to relive the good times you had during your trip. You can also give souvenirs to family and friends back home to share with them a piece of something unique from the country you visited.

Besides being a beautiful country to visit, the Maldives has quite a selection of souvenirs that you should get from processed local fish to intricate handwoven mats. Below are some keepsakes to get on your Maldives holiday.

1. Feyli - Maldivian Sarong

Being an island and South Asian country, Maldivians regularly wear sarongs on the local islands. Though you can find sarongs in various colours and designs, one garment that's truly Maldivian is the "feyli". It's has a black body with white stripes at the bottom, and gold accents at the border. It's similar to the "dhoti" or "vesti" worn in India and Sri Lanka except the colours. The feyli is now mostly worn during special occasions and traditional performances

2. Miniature Dhoni

A dhoni is a traditional sailboat widely used in the archipelago since the first settlers arrived here. It's typically very slender and has a long curved "horn" at its bow. A dhoni traditionally uses lateen sails but modern ones are engine powered. You can buy handcrafted miniature dhonis with intricate details, complete with a sail and fully painted, or get it in a smaller scale built in a glass bottle. Lookout for one when you shop in Malé, especially in Chaandhanee Magu.

3. Coconut Products

The coconut tree is the national tree of the country and Maldivians use the plant in almost every aspect of their lives. Besides consuming the fruit and constructing large structures with the trunk, the locals can produce ornamental masks, baskets, lampshades, statues, bags, kitchen utensils like bowls, and so much more from various parts of the plants. Maldivian handmade coconut souvenirs are gorgeous items often with vibrant colours, so don't miss them on your Maldives holiday.

Processed Fish Products

If you want to bring home some of the mouthwatering food that offers Maldives offers, why not get some processed fish. Fish like tuna are a staple in this island nation and you can find various fish products you can get back home. Besides canned tuna, you should look out for smoked fish, traditional fish pickle, and dried fish. At the local fish market in Malé you can find vendors selling vacuum-packed smoked fish and more.

5. Lacquered Products

Lacquer work is a prominent craft in the Maldives and