Sustainability in the Maldives

Working hard to preserve our dream locations


We are always looking for green innovations to make our resorts more sustainable.

We’ve installed 6 000 m2 of solar photovoltaic panels at The Finolhu Villas. These solar panels now generate 30% of the resort’s electricity, allowing us to make the most of the natural resources that are available to us.


At multiple resorts, including Club Med Finolhu Villas, our G.O.s organize beach clean ups, collecting waste to preserve the ecosystem of the ocean. The waste collected is then turned into artwork by the kids during our Clean Art Planet workshop! We also organise beach clean ups in partnership with 4Oceans, and participating guests receive 4Ocean bracelets made from 100% recycled materials.


It pays respect back to the nature by preserving the original island structure of the beautiful beaches, shoreline plantings, coconut groves. Since 2015, reclamation has more than doubled the size of the island and with double the trees replanted. The native plant palette, including Sea Lettuce, Iron Wood, Coconut Palm, Beach Hibiscus and Screw Pine are all kept in the landscape design too.

Happy to care for our guests

Committed to restore the Maldivian marine life

The Maldivian marine life is suffering from global warming and pollution. At Club Med Kani, we’ve partnered with marine biologists to create the Mobi Reef Underwater Trail, a snorkelling tour teaching our guests all about underwater life and how to preserve it.

We also have an artificial reef installation, sheltering fishes and marine life in our resort’s perimeter. Furthermore, guests can sponsor replantation of coral plants with our coral propagation program.

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