Working hard to preserve our dream locations


Specialising in buffets for over 60 years, we’ve always sought to limit the amount of food that is wasted. We’ve therefore acquired specific know-how to make our buffets generous and tasty, yet reasonable.

Our new innovative technology, Winnow, has helped reduced food wastage by 56% at Club Med Bali. This program is currently being rolled out across our Asian resorts.

Food wastage in our resorts has been minimized to only approximately 100g of waste per person, i.e. the weight of 1 kiwi fruit!


Every little bit helps. We make a point of preserving our planet – and involving the guests too!

At multiple resorts, our G.O.s organize beach clean ups, collecting waste to preserve the ecosystem of the ocean. The waste collected is then turned into artwork by the kids during our Clean Art Planet workshop! We also organise beach clean ups in partnership with 4Oceans, and participating guests receive 4Ocean bracelets made from 100% recycled materials.

Every year, Club Med G.O.s, managers and guests from all over the world participate in the World Clean Up Day, keep our beaches, forests, streets, and even ski slopes clean.

Happy to care for our guests

Learning about plants, nature and nutrition

Our “Super Radish” programs and Pedagogical Gardens* sensitize children to healthy and responsible nutrition, teaching them about plants’ needs and how to grow fresh vegetables.

_*In Bali, Marrakech, Opio, La Palmyre, Guilin

Happy to care for our local communities


For 10 years, we’ve been working with the NGO Agrisud, a local farm that practices agro-ecological farming, and we are training the farmers on the standards of Club Med to supply our global resorts.

We’ve partnered with over 400 ecological farms worldwide, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint, promote human exchanges with producers, and ensuring all of our guests get access to fresh, seasonal and organic food.

At Club Med Bali,** we’re working closely with local farming families** who deliver us fresh vegetables daily. Our close relationship with them allows us to tailor our menus according to each delivery, using only products that are in season. And in 2018, we’ve been able to fund a water tank to help them during dry season!


The Grocery stocks healthy and eco-representative regional products from Bali such as aromatic tea, tasty coffee, colorful spices, delicious cookies... Produced under sustainable practices, each of the items sold in the Grocery have their own story rooted in Balinese tradition and culture. Some of the products can only be found exclusively in Club Med Bali. Besides food items, there are also stones and crystals to heal your soul too.

Next to the Grocery, the Home Déco stocks unique antiques from Bali and other Indonesian islands. Bring home the warm ambiance of Balinese furniture if you find something suitable.

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