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True to its reputation as a top culinary destination in the world, Hokkaido is a pristine gem nestled in the northern embrace of Japan. With a landscape as diverse as its flavours, this culinary paradise is renowned first and foremost for its seafood. Of course, traditional Japanese cuisine is a given but you’ll also find plenty of other interesting gastronomic delights awaiting you in Hokkaido.

A Gastronomic Journey Through Hokkaido’s Symphony of Culinary Delights

Hokkaido’s strategic coastal locale makes it famous for its seafood, as well as for classic Japanese food. This is also in part due to the cold, icy waters surrounding the island of Hokkaido that offer an abundance of fresh catches that will eventually grace the plates and palates of both visitors and locals alike. From melt-in-your-mouth sushi to delectable crab dishes, Hokkaido’s seafood and specialty food offerings are definitely nothing short of amazing.

But beyond the sea and waves, there is also a cacophony of local produce for you to enjoy in Hokkaido, from sweetcorn to dairy products to other famous food ingredients grown in the region’s fertile lands. Indeed, the farm-to-table concept has been deeply ingrained in the culinary culture of Hokkaido, Japan. This has resulted in a local food scene that is rich in specialty food like velvety dairy treats and hearty dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Club Med’s All-Inclusive Hokkaido Experience

When it comes to experiencing the best of Hokkaido’s famous food culture, Club Med offers unparalleled opportunities to satiate not only your taste buds but also your appetite. In Japan, our all-inclusive resorts range from Tomamu Hokkaido to Sahoro Hokkaido to Kiroro Peak. Each one offers its own unique experiences perfect for you and the whole family.

At Club Med, guests are treated to a curated dining experience not found anywhere in the world — and our culinary experiences are not limited to just eating either. Engage in cooking classes led by skilled chefs where you can try your hand at mastering the art of sushi making or delve into recreating the complex flavours of a classic bowl of miso soup. These classes allow you to immerse yourself in Hokkaido’s rich food culture so that you can leave fulfilled, full, and ready to showcase your newfound culinary skills to friends and family back home.

Hokkaido Is More Than Just the Food

While the food in Hokkaido, Japan is an undeniable delight, there’s much more to explore in the region. From picturesque landscapes and rolling hills to invigorating hot springs and vibrant flower fields, Hokkaido's beauty extends far beyond its flavours.

Club Med’s all-inclusive activities cover a wide range of interests, from winter activities like skiing and snowboarding to hiking excursions to cultural explorations. At the end of the day, families, couples, and even solo travellers alike can enjoy tailored experiences that blend relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion — all at any one of our Club Med resorts in Hokkaido.

Travel and Taste Converge in Hokkaido

In the heart of Hokkaido’s many scenic landscapes lies an unforgettable culinary journey that you can only find in Club Med. Discover a world of taste, experience both the sun and the snow, and let Club Med bring you on the ultimate adventure between travel and taste. Check out our all-inclusive holiday packages and get a headstart on your culinary journey in Hokkaido today.

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