There are many locations you can visit in Southeast Asia, but for a simple, relaxing beach getaway, Cheratingg fits the bill. When you plan your Cherating getaway, it’s best to understand the weather patterns so you can decide on the best time to visit Cherating. In general, Cherating’s weather is pretty hot and humid, but some months will ensure more sunny days than rainy ones. This is why it’s helpful to know Cherating’s weather patterns.

Travelling to Cherating for Tourism/Good Weather

If your reason for going to Cherating is to enjoy the tropical weather and carry out beach activities without much hassle, then the best time to visit Cherating is between mid-March to mid-October. This is because outside of this period, Cherating experiences the most rainfall due to the monsoon season, with the wettest month being December. While the monsoon season doesn’t happen continuously throughout those 5 to 6 months, it can be erratic and hard to predict when the rain will come. The currents are also stronger during the wet months which can result in it being more dangerous for you to be in the water for any reason. This usually means that many tours, activities, and excursions are shut down, which can put a damper on your trip if you were looking for the complete beach holiday experience.

For the best weather, go to Cherating in between June and August, where rainy days are minimal and the sun is out blazing most of the time. This is also a busy tourist season due to it being the summer holidays, so expect somewhat higher costs for lodging and activities. It is usually even busier in September and October due to the cooler weather, as some may not like too much of blazing sunshine during their getaway.

The Best Time to Visit Cherating for Surfing

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, then the advice in the previous section doesn’t apply to you. Cherating’s surf scene is the most active during the off-peak months when tourism is at a low, because that’s when the waves are the most adrenaline-pumping to ride on. In fact, the Cherating International Surfing Competition usually happens in December, when the monsoon is at its peak. While experienced surfers will have no issues enjoying the waves which can give an epic ride distance of up to 400 metres, newbie surfers should enrol and sharpen their skills at the many nearby surfing schools first before taking on these challenging waves.

Have a Great Cherating Holiday Regardless of the Weather All-Year-Round At Club Med Cherating!

For those who want to come to Cherating without worrying too much about the time of year (because life doesn’t always follow the weather), then staying at Club Med Cherating Beach is the perfect choice. We have a variety of land activities like fitness classes and archery facilities, restaurants with delicious local and international cuisine, and several bars options onsite, so even if the weather is not the best, there’s always something for you to do during your Cherating holiday. When the weather is great, there are various water sports you can take part in to really maximise all that sunshine as well. Be a smart tourist and guarantee yourself a great Cherating getaway all by booking your stay at Club Med Cherating today!

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