Malaysia's east coast is a unique region with beautiful destinations, friendly people, and delicious regional cuisines. One place on the east coast that has a lot to offer to visitors is Kemaman. Being the southernmost district of Terengganu, it's very accessible from all corners of the peninsula, with the journey from KL taking only a little over three hours.

It's also close to numerous famous beaches, with a drive from Kemaman to Cherating taking only 20 minutes. While the major industries in Kemaman are petroleum, oil, and steel, it has no shortage of exciting things to see and do, besides being a major food tourism hub. Let's take a look at the best things you can do in Kemaman.

1. Go Food Hunting for Authentic Terengganu Food

Kemaman is a food hunter's dream destination. Here, you can find keropok lekor shops all along the road selling a variety of keropok lekor made from local fish. Other delicacies to look out for in Kemaman include sata, made of spiced fish meat wrapped in banana leaf and grilled, otak-otak which is a similarly spiced fish dish, Kemaman-style lemang, and various local kuihs.

One of the best places to get kuihs is at Binjai market where you can find everything from fish-filled curry puffs to other kuihs you may not be familiar with. If you stay at Club Med Cherating, you can just take a short drive from Cherating to Kemaman to sample all these local delicacies.

2. Visit The Kemaman Museum

Located in Chukai town centre, the Kemaman Museum is a great place to visit to learn about the history of Kemaman. The building was built in 1920 and was used as a government office during the British occupation.

Among the artifacts on display include ancient pottery, copper water jugs, traditional woodwork, and the traditional Malay Kris. You'll also see a collection of publications by prominent writers hailing from Kemaman, old photographs of Kemaman and other interesting displays.

3. Have Fun at The Kemaman Recreation Park and Mini Zoo

Another must-visit is the Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo. Situated about 14 kilometres from Chukai, it's the first zoo in Peninsula Malaysia's east coast. It boasts a long list of attractions you can enjoy with the whole family. Besides having a zoo with animals like elephants, racoons, peacocks, and crocodiles, there's also a water theme park, herbal park, and fruit orchard on-site. You can even take your kids on a train ride around the zoo.

4. Go Turtle Watching

Malaysia's east coast is peppered with multiple turtle nesting sites. In fact, this region attracts more turtles than other places in the country. If you're in Kemaman and fancy seeing some sea turtles, you can head to Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery along Chendor Beach, or to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. At both these places, you can see how the turtle eggs are incubated and even witness the baby turtles being released into the sea. If you visit during nesting season, you can watch turtles lay their eggs along these beaches.

5. Enjoy a Day at The Beach

A trip to Kemaman isn't complete without spending some time at the beach, and luckily, there are no shortages of beaches in the area. Some of the beaches nearby to Kemaman are Cherating, Chendor, and Mak Nik Bay also known as Monica Bay Beach. Monica Bay Beach is lined with conifers which make for great photo and picnic opportunities. Cherating and Chendor Beach, on the other hand, have clean white sands and calmer waters suitable for swimming.

As you can see, Kemaman is a great travel destination with tons of things to see and do whether you're a history buff or just like to relax on the beach during your vacation. If you're looking for a hassle-free accommodation that's close to Kemaman, Cherating's Club Med is a great place to consider. Stay with us and enjoy unrivalled service, a range of activities, all-day dining, and access to the east coast's best destinations including Kemaman.