Bali has more to offer than nasi goreng and satay. In fact, the food around Bali, especially in Seminyak, has evolved to satisfy everyone from the average foodie to international cuisine connoisseurs.

As the upmarket neighbour of Kuta party beach, Seminyak on Bali's west coast has a thriving culinary scene with restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Here you can find affordable Indonesian cuisine, hip cafes, and even gourmet restaurants. Let's take a look at the best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali.

Merah Putih

"Stunning" sums up Merah Putih. This gourmet restaurant offers the finest Balinese cuisine in a gorgeous setting. With tall cathedral-like ceilings, lit rain-catching pillars, and glass windows all around, dining at Merah Putih is an experience you won't forget. You can expect to find Indonesian staples and unique dishes that experiment with traditional, local spices, and also a bar that serves some of the best cocktails in Bali.

Kaum At Potato Head

Kaum, meaning clan in Indonesian, is part of the Potato Head brand. It serves authentic Indonesian food in a fine dining setting and elevates the flavours to another level. A lot of effort has gone into perfecting its dishes including using traditional cooking methods and ingredients. Kaum's focused menu includes nasi goreng, gado-gado, otak-otak, and much more. The restaurant features traditional Indonesian wood carvings, tableware, and furniture for an elevated Balinese dining experience.

Ijen At Potato Head

Also part of the Potato Head family, Ijen serves freshly caught seafood in a fully open-air environment. It's also the first zero-waste seafood establishment in Indonesia. Serving some of the best seafood in Seminyak, and Bali, Ijen cooks their fish over a wood fire to preserve its authentic island flavour. They've also curated a selection of side dishes to complement the seafood such as roasted bean salad. Come with friends and share Ijen's signature grilled seafood like barramundi and king prawns.


Sarong serves a blend of Indian and Southeast Asian food in Bali's chicest date night scene. Established by celebrity chef Will Meyrick of The Street Food Chef, Sarong succeeds in combining multiple cuisine styles into a cohesive offering. It uses traditional Asian techniques like cooking with Balinese coconut grills and Indian tandoors. Some of its most well-known offerings are its Mumbai chicken tikka, butter chicken, and chilli-miso glazed black cod with Yunnan pickles.

Motel Mexicola

If you're craving for Mexican food in Bali, you can do no better than Motel Mexicola. From the candle shrine to Mother Mary at the entrance to the colourful latino-inspired interior, stepping into Motel Mexicola instantly transports you to Mexico. They serve the best tacos, quesadillas, burritos, ceviche, and tequila-based cocktails besides being a happening party destination in Seminyak. Expect great food and a lot of fun when you come to a Motel Mexicola party.

Revolver Espresso

One of the first cafes in Bali, Revolver Espresso is a staple boutique coffee brand among locals, expats, and holiday-goers in Seminyak. Revolver serves coffee beans sourced from the best local farms, which are all roasted and blended on the island. Besides their selection of delicious coffee, they serve some of the best breakfast foods in Bali including granola bowls, avocado toast, tacos, and brisket sliders. If you're looking for a good caffeine hit before you explore the island, don't forget to check out this cafe.

There you have it, a brief list of some of the must-try restaurants in Seminyak, Bali. Once you've tried the places we listed here, don't forget to explore the rest of Seminyak's and indeed Bali's culinary scene.

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