Spring Skiing

Thought skiing was an activity just for the winter? Think again! During this off-peak ski season where weathers are milder and fewer guests are around, skiing in April is easier on the wallet and better for your leisure time. Where temperatures are warmer and days are longer, you’re guaranteed more time on the slopes and less waiting times at the ski lifts. To maximise a spring skiing holiday, it’s key to choose the snow resort with the most ideal conditions. If skiing in April sounds like the perfect holiday escape, here are the Club Med locations with the best conditions.

Prime conditions for skiing in April 

High altitudes

The higher above sea level you are in the Alps, the colder the temperatures and the more snow there is. It’s as simple as that. Book your April ski trip at resorts that sit at 2000m or above sea level or check out our NEW Resort, Kiroro in Japan with longer ski seasons that last till May. At this altitude, you should be good to go.

More Practice Time

With lesser guests on the slopes or with reduced waiting time at the chair lifts, you get more shred time on the slopes to practice those turns with wider spaces. More groomed lines

Perfect Weather

It’s time to don on that T-Shirt and a pair of sunglasses as you enjoy blue skies and lovely weather conditions as you Spring Ski. Enjoy you Apres Ski activites outdoors. Enjoy the picturesque mountainous landscapes and ocean views.

Top Club Med locations for skiing in April 


Don’t miss the last week of the Winter season, and catch a week of Spring Skiing in Club Med Sahoro, where you will discover perfect powder snow and weather for skiing or snow trekking. Situated amid natural landscapes, make the beautiful snow capped mountains your playground with 25km of ski slopes to conquer. When your muscles start to tire out, freshen up and treat yourself to sumptuous Hokkaido cuisine and end your day over a relaxing soak in our open-air hot Canadian bath that is surrounded by nature.

Discover Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido

Kiroro Peak

Located on the Northern Island of Hokkaido, Club Med Kiroro Peak welcomes you into a hidden white powder paradise. With a constant blanket of snow even in the month of April – May, our only Asia resort with longer ski seasons allows you to discover mountain oceans views on the peaks, as you ski down one of the best powder snows slopes in the world. Paired with our all-inclusive package and ski passes, be ready to hit the slopes the moment you arrive.

Discover Club Med Kiroro Peak

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