Just like in the rest of Asia, night markets are a big thing in Phuket. These places are where the locals go to get fresh produce and delicious meals, but you can also find fantastic souvenirs and knick-knacks at a bargain. Plus, they're a great place to experience the local culture. Being one of the best things to do in Phuket, visiting a night market should be at the top of your list when you're here. So here are some of the best night markets in Phuket.

Phuket Walking Street

Locally known as "Yard Lai", the Phuket Walking Street is only open on Sundays from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. It's a bustling street packed with stalls, shops, bars, restaurants, and people. Here you can get all kinds of t-shirts, cheap jeans, snacks including fresh seafood,
and various souvenirs. Just be prepared to walk in a big crowd when you're here.

Phuket Weekend Market

Also known as Naka Market, the Phuket Weekend Market opens on Saturday and Sunday evenings on Thalang Road. It's a huge market that sells everything you can imagine including Thai storybooks, imitation and authentic, locally-designed clothes, handicrafts, and food, lots of food. With its extra space, it's also not as cramped as the Walking Street, making shopping here one of the best things to do in Phuket.

Malin Plaza Patong

Malin Plaza is located at the southern end of Patong Beach. This Phuket night market is relatively new and is housed in a covered, open-air complex making it quite comfortable to walk around in. You can find all kinds of fresh produce from fruits to fish, and there's even a food court where you can sit down and enjoy a meal. It's open from 2:00 PM to midnight daily.

Karon Temple Market

Karon Temple Market is one of the more unique Phuket night markets. It's located near the temple at Karon beach area and is very popular with the locals. It opens twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday evening and has vendors selling all kinds of fruits from mangosteen to mangoes, clothes, beauty products including carved soaps which make fantastic gifts, and street food from meat skewers to mango sticky rice.

Phuket Indy Market

The Phuket Indy Market is named so as it hosts independent traders. It's smaller and quieter than Phuket's other night markets but it's popular among local teens and young adults. Besides the usual jeans and shoes, you can find unique items like customised keychains and custom-stencilled rice grains. To fill your stomach, you can buy snacks including sushi and barbecues, and even alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. This clean, quaint market is open Wednesday to Friday evenings and is definitely worth the visit.

Chillva Market Phuket

Chillva Market is a trendy night market with upcycled shipping containers as shops, live performances, and a large, colourful sign at the front. It's open every evening, but on Thursdays to Saturdays, there are more stalls selling flea market items. Located on Yaowarat Road, it's popular with locals who want to shop and dine as there are restaurants, ice cream parlours, and even pubs inside. It's also more affordable than other more touristy night markets in Phuket.

Besides exploring the beaches and partying, one of the things you have to do in Phuket is to visit its night markets. You'll not only get to experience an authentic Thai market atmosphere but also find good deals on various items from souvenirs to delicious street food. If you're looking for a fuss-free holiday experience, do check out Club Med Phuket. We not only provide exceptional service and excursions, but we're also located near to some of the best destinations on the island.