Phuket has beautiful locations all over the island, but at its southwestern-most tip is arguably the most stunning spot you can visit. About 30 minutes away from Phuket city and 20 minutes from Club Med Phuket, Promthep Cape is a famous spot among locals and tourists for its sunset views. It's also close to a few of Phuket's beaches like Ya-Nui and Rawai making it a great place to spend a day at. If you want to learn more about Promthep Cape and what it offers, keep on reading.

Stunning Sunset View at Promthep Cape

Known as "Laem Promthep" and "God's Cape", this cape is a small piece of rocky land with a tall cliff. Buses of tourists from all over Phuket city flock here almost daily to catch the beautiful sunset, over the Andaman Sea.

At the top of the hill, you get a panoramic view of the sea and can even spot far away islands like Phi Phi, Racha Yai, and Noi Islands on good days. There's also rarely fog around, which is what makes the sunset here so stunning.

Promthep Cape Temple

Besides the viewpoint that people go to wait for the sunset, up the stairs from the car park is actually the main attraction; the Promthep Cape Temple. This Buddhist shrine has a beautiful Buddhist altar surrounded by numerous elephant statues and carvings.

The elephant is important in Buddhism and Thai culture as it represents strength and wisdom. In fact, the shrine has hundreds of elephant statues from small palm-sized ones to statues that are almost lifesized. Besides having a great view overlooking the sea, the temple has a quiet charm compared to other bigger temples in Thailand.

Promthep Cape Lighthouse

Further beyond the temple is Promthep Cape Lighthouse or "Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse". Being about 60 metres above sea level the lighthouse is another good place to look out over the sea and enjoy the sunset. Plus, visitors tend to miss this attraction, so you'll be away from most of the crowd.

Inside, there's a small, fully air-conditioned nautical museum where you can view some interesting historical artifacts. You can even head to the balcony at the top of the lighthouse to enjoy a better view.

Other Things to Do Here

Phuket City has developed Promthep Cape into a fun tourist destination and there are actually quite a few things to do here. Here are some of them:

Shopping - There are numerous shops and stalls around the car park where you can buy souvenirs like T-shirts and keychains, and even local snacks and drinks if you need refreshment.
Dining - Promthep Cape has a few excellent dining options including Bukito by Promthep Restaurant where you can dine al-fresco overlooking the sunset, and a few smaller restaurants.
Visit the shooting range - If you've always wanted to visit a shooting range, you can do it at the Gold Shooter Club at Promthep Cape. There's a decent selection of prop guns on display at the front of the shop which are cool to look at, and an actual shooting range at the back.

Nearby Beaches

A few of Phuket's beaches are located near Promthep Cape. So you don't have to travel far if you want to squeeze some beach time into your day as well.

Som's Beach - Som's Beach is located at the bottom of the cape. This tiny beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs but it doesn't get a lot of visitors making it a great place to sunbathe or swim away from a crowd.
Ya-Nui Beach - Located to west of the cape is Ya-Nui beach. While small, this beach is bigger than Som's Beach and offers snorkelling and kayaking. It's also a relatively quite beach in Phuket.
Rawai Beach - To the east is Rawai Beach. This long stretch of beach has many long-tail boats docked. Here, you can hire boats to take you to neighbouring islands.

If you're looking for other things to do besides going to the beach in Phuket, Promthep Cape offers a refreshing experience. Plus, being near to Phuket City, you don't need to block out a whole day to visit it.

If you stay at Club Med Phuket, you'll not only have easy access to Promthep Cape, but also to other attractions like the Big Buddha. You'll also have the beautiful Kata beach on your doorstep. So what are you waiting for, book your stay with us today!