On land, there is a lot to do in Phuket, but if you go onto the Andaman Sea next to Phuket, there are even more places to discover and explore. Phuket’s sea tours are one of its most attractive offerings to tourists, and you should take go on a few too. Here are some options you can consider if you want to explore the Andaman Sea and its islands during your trip, including a Phuket sea walking experience.

Phi Phi Islands Phuket Sea Tour

It’s unlikely that you have not heard of the Phi Phi Islands if you were researching your Phuket trip. This popular Phuket sea tour brings you to a few of the main islands, especially Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. The Phi Phi Islands are about 45 minutes away by speedboat and you can see just miles of lovely clean, blue sea water when you are on the boat itself. Many tours allow you to snorkel during the trip, so you can also see what’s in the beautiful turquoise waters near the islands.

Sea Walking at Coral Island, Phuket

Ever wonder what it’s like to walk on the ocean floor? You don’t have to wonder if you join a Phuket sea tour to Coral Island. This well-maintained island can be reached via long-tail boat or speedboat, and is a popular choice for those who want to snorkel and join the sea walking activity in Phuket. During the sea walking activity, you will wear a heavy mask and be lowered onto the ocean floor, where you can see the flora and fauna that await you there. It is a short activity, but it’s unlikely you will ever forget how exciting it is. Coral Island is also just a great place to spend the day relaxing on the beach.

Exploring Phang Nga Bay and Its Mysteries

This is a Phuket sea tour you should not miss, especially if you are travelling as a couple. This area on the Andaman Sea is best explored by water, either using a kayak, canoe, long-tail boat, speedboat, or yacht. If you’d like to take your time though, kayaking and canoeing are the best modes of getting around. Enjoy the beautiful views of limestone karsts that are scattered around the bay, and visit attractions like James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. There are various tiny islands to explore in Phang Nga Bay, and while there is no Phuket sea walking experience here, just gliding on the water here with a canoe or kayak is sure to rejuvenate your soul with a sense of peace and calm.

Hit Up The Racha Islands for Diving and Snorkelling

Similar to Coral Island, the Racha Islands are 45 to 60 minutes away from Phuket mainland by boat. Many Phuket sea tours to these islands are diving and snorkelling tours because the clean and clear waters around the islands are perfect for this. Racha Yai is the larger and more developed island among the two Racha islands, though many travellers still consider it much more untouched and idyllic compared to the more commercialised Phi Phi Don. Here on the Racha Islands, you can stargaze, go fishing, dolphin watching, and of course, go diving and snorkelling especially nearby the smaller island of the duo, Racha Noi.

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