We understand the challenge of planning a holiday and trying to make the best of every moment, especially at an All-Inclusive resort – there’s just so much to do and so little time! With a wide range of activities, and exciting experiences, you don’t want to miss out on anything. Here is a suggested itinerary and some helpful tips to make the most of your trip and discover all that Club Med has to offer.

Day 1: Trapeze, overlooking Kata Beach with a refreshing drink or party

Capture your arrival in style at our instagrammable foyer.
Fly high and swing on the Trapeze; a unique Instagram shot that is sure to make your friends jealous.

Then take a dip in our see-through Zen Pool and enjoy a refreshing drink at the Zen Bar while enjoying the view overlooking Kata Beach.

Join our festive Thai Night around the swimming pool (Monday Nights, 6:45 – 7.00 pm)

Then head to our restaurant for a scrumptious buffet dinner which offers a wide range of international dishes and delectable desserts that rotate daily.

End the night with our theme party by the pool and dance the night away.

Day 2: Wellness class, Thai boxing or Archery

Wake up to a gorgeous view of Kata beach and start the day with a tasty breakfast at The Mamuang. Or if you prefer to sleep in, you can also enjoy a late breakfast at The Chu-da.

Work on your swing with a 9-hole pitch and putt, a driving range and a putting green available in Club Med Phuket.

Feeling energetic? We suggest you try our Aquafitness sessions at the main swimming pool for a good workout.

Alternatively, for a slower pace activity, take up your arrows and test your accuracy skills at Archery.

Lunch at Main Restaurant The Mamuang
(Open from 7:15 - 10 am; 12:15 - 2.:15 pm; 6.45 - 9.15 pm)

After lunch, relax and recharge at a calming restorative yoga class, pump up some energy again in the late afternoon and discover Thai Boxing in the ring.

You can also grab some refreshments anytime throughout the day at The Sanook.

Day 3: Coral Island tour

It’s your final day at Club Med so fuel up with a delicious breakfast, as you will need energy for today’s activities.

Sign up at reception for a 45-min snorkel session around the Coral Island (Ko He) with colourful fish and a beautiful view of the horizon. This snorkel trip takes about 3 hours including road and boat traveling time so we strongly suggest you eat more for breakfast.

Check-out, but before your departure, delight yourself to an indulgent lunch buffet.

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