Life in Kuala Lumpur is all about bustle, rushing here and there, traffic jams, and lots of tall buildings everywhere. While city life can be convenient, it can also, directly and indirectly, be stressful. At the same time, it’s not that easy to always take time off for a long getaway overseas, so why not explore our local tourist offerings over a long weekend instead? Malaysia has lots of places you can go to in order to get away from the speed of KL life and receive a dose of vitamin nature instead, such as Cherating’s beach resorts or Cameron Highlands’ farms.


Langkawi is quite a distance away from KL, but if you are willing to take a flight, it’s a relatively quick journey. Langkawi has numerous beaches that you can lounge on and is a generally quiet island with a slow, chill vibe. Rent a car to ride around and visit its numerous attractions, such as Underwater World, Chenang Beach, Langkawi Skybridge, Telaga Tujuh, and many more. Don’t forget to make it a point to enjoy some seafood and take advantage of the tax-free imported chocolates and liquor too! In terms of accommodations, there are options from very budget to extremely luxurious, so it’s up to you and your budget as to what you prefer.

Cameron Highlands

For those who are especially tired of hot weather, Cameron Highlands is a good place to visit. Several hours drive away from KL, these highlands are not only airy and cool but also lush with various vegetation. Visit green attractions such as the Boh Tea Plantation, Mrs Robertson’s Rose Garden, Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm, Lavender Gardens, and many other vegetative wonderlands throughout the highlands. For some more out-of-the-box experiences, try climbing Mount Brinchang or even visit the small but interesting Time Tunnel. It’s recommended that you bring back some fresh vegetables and fruits from Cameron too, so you can “extend” your vacation at home with yummy, fresh dishes.


These may not be nature-centric tourist destinations, but Penang and Ipoh are a great getaway option for any Malaysian. Known as foodie destinations, drive over to Ipoh and then Penang to enjoy a few days of pure culinary bliss. Dig into as many food varieties as you can, including local specialities such as char kuey teow, bean sprout chicken rice, asam laksa, tau fu fa, and more. At the same time, check out local attractions like Kek Lo Si Temple, Kellie’s Castle, Tempurung Cave, and Penang Hill to get your dose of nature and culture as well. Definitely worth planning this trip over a long weekend!

Taman Negara

If the rainforest is more up your alley, then consider a trip to Taman Negara instead. Here, you can do many outdoor activities like hiking, observing animals, birdwatching, fishing, feeding river fish, exploring caves, night jungle walks, climbing the famed Canopy walkway, and many more. You can also visit the local Orang Asli village to learn their way of life, and learn more about the history of Taman Negara at the Interpretative Room. Have your meals at local restaurants floating on the river, which is definitely a unique experience not-to-be-missed.


Last but definitely not least, a wonderful option for a nice beach getaway is the quiet but interesting Cherating. Book your stay in a Cherating beach resort like Club Med Cherating so that all your meals, drinks, and activities are taken care of, and at the same time, take time to explore Cherating’s beach, mangrove river, and the surrounding localities like Kemaman and Sungai Lembing for a wonderful insight into the life at the east coast of Malaysia and its rich history. Cherating’s Turtle Sanctuary is a must-visit attraction, as is the mangrove river (especially at night, where you can see hundreds of fireflies!). For a good mix of nature, history, and activities, Cherating is definitely the ideal holiday location, even more so when you choose the right Cherating beach resort. So, why not plan your trip and book your stay with us now?