If you’re pondering where you should stay in Club Med Cherating, one of the aspects you may be considering is if there are enough things to do in Club Med Cherating. The answer to that is yes, and we don’t just mean that you have a variety of land and water sport activities you can partake in onsite (though that is indeed true). The resort also offers a variety of excursions you can join to better explore Cherating and its surrounding areas, so you won’t just be stuck at the resort if you want to maximise your time in this charming place! One of the popular things to do in Club Med Cherating is to go on the Mangrove River Cruise excursion.

Cherating’s Mangrove Forests

Cherating has a large mangrove forest which has a variety of different mangrove and non-mangrove plant species, including the loop-root mangrove, tall-stilt mangrove, nyirih, and oriental mangrove. The forests are also home to an array of interesting fauna including spider crabs, monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes, and birds native to mangrove forests. At night, there’s a special sight that awaits visitors to the forest: beautiful, glowing fireflies which light up the darkness of the night.

Cherating’s mangrove forests have a calm atmosphere, almost as if time stands still there. There’s plenty to photograph, and it’s relaxing just going down the river in your boat. If you’re a Malay movie fan, here’s a fun fact for you: one of the scary scenes in the movie where the characters ride a boat down a dark river and were disturbed by a ghost speaking in an Indonesian dialect was filmed on the Cherating River where the mangrove forest is!

Club Med Cherating’s Excursion Details

Since the Mangrove River Cruise is one of the main things to do in Club Med Cherating, you can be assured that you will have a pleasant trip with all things taken care of. On this half-day excursion, you will enjoy an hour-long boat ride down the slow and calm Cherating River, while taking in the view of Cherating’s well-preserved mangrove forest. Take this opportunity to take pictures of the lovely greenery and wildlife around you, while enjoying the fresh air.

Afterwards, you will be taken to visit some traditional villages near the river. Mingle with the locals and observe their daily routine, and take more photographs here in the rustic, idyllic setting. Once you’ve spent an hour or two at these villages, you will be shuttled back to the resort to enjoy the rest of the day.

Other Not-to-Miss Things to Do in Club Med Cherating

Club Med Cherating also has some other exciting excursions that you should definitely sign up for. One that is on a similar vein as the Mangrove River Cruise excursion is the Amazing Firefly excursion, where you will cruise down the mangrove river at night to see hundreds of glowing fireflies settled on the riverbank. A photo opportunity you should not pass up on! Other cool excursions include the Turtle Watching and Turtle Release excursions, where you will head to the beach to watch mother turtles lay their eggs in the sand (Turtle Watching). On the Turtle Release short excursion, learn more about turtles before watching young green turtles being released back into the ocean.
These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things you can do in Club Med Cherating. Book your stay now and have a Cherating vacation that’s unique and memorable. Find out more about the offerings at our Cherating resort now to better understand what you’ll have access to with your all-inclusive package!