Most people who visit Bali do it for the gorgeous beaches, temples, culture, and lush greenery of the island. However, Bali is also one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. In fact, diving is one of Bali's top water sports and it attracts divers from around the world every year.

Its location in the famed Coral Triangle gives Bali its vibrant marine ecosystem with hundreds of coral reef species and unique animals like the ocean sunfish (Mola Mola), manta rays, turtles and various colourful fishes. If you want to learn about Bali's best scuba diving sites, read on below.

1. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island about 16 kilometres off Bali's southeast coast. It has a rich marine ecosystem and healthy coral population, with multiple diving sites. One popular site is Blue Corner with its clear blue waters and diverse animal species. Here, you can encounter creatures like manta and eagle rays, tuna, nudibranch, several shark species, and the famed Ocean Sunfish.

Besides diving, Nusa Lembongan has pristine white beaches, lush hillsides, quaint villages, and none of the crowds that you see on Bali island. After diving, you can enjoy the rest of your day on the beach, try out some water sports, go on a village tour, or just explore the island on your own.

2. Manta Point, Nusa Penida

Manta Point at Nusa Penida Island is named so thanks to the concentration of manta rays in the area. Manta rays frequently visit this spot as it's a manta cleaning station and also because the area is a meeting point for currents from the Indian and Pacific Ocean. These currents provide an abundance of phytoplanktons which the mantas feed on, so you can often see multiple manta rays gracefully gliding and feeding.

Just be mindful of the currents as they can get strong. Being one Bali's best scuba diving sites, Manta Point is a must-visit especially if you want to spot some mantas.

3. Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay is named so because of the crystal clear visibility in its waters. It's located off the northeast coast of Nusa Penida. Besides having crystal clear waters, it's also known for sightings of the giant Mola-Mola. Even though Crystal Bay is one of the best scuba diving sites in Bali to spot Mola-Molas, they're still rare, and their shyness doesn't help divers either.

The best time to see this giant fish is during the high season from July to September. Do note that the currents here can get strong and the water can be quite cold, so check with your dive provider before you head to Crystal Bay.

4. Tulamben USAT Liberty Wreck

The USAT Liberty is a shipwreck just 40 metres off Bali coast. Located near Tulamben, north of Amed beach, the shipwreck lies at varying depth from only 5 metres down to 30 metres below the surface. This makes it suitable for divers of all skill levels. On and around the wreck you'll see a thriving population of coral reefs and colourful fishes, along with black sand thanks to the lava flow from nearby Mount Agung. If you dive here at night, you'll be able to see unusual marine creatures in large numbers.

5. Amed

Amed is a quiet beach known for its black sand and traditional fishing village. From here, you can go to various dive sites including The Wall and Amed Ghost Bay. To get to the dive sites, you'll ride in a traditional Balinese jukung boat. The Amed Wall, just a five minute ride away, has gorgeous coral reefs and rare animals like the Napoleon Wrasse, and if you dive down to 30 metres, you might even spot a pygmy seahorse.

Amed Ghost Bay is a muck and macro diving site with several installations of artificial reefs. These reefs vary in slope from flat to steep, providing an engaging diving experience. It's also home to large numbers of ornate ghost pipefish, mimic octopus, moral eels, and various tiny marine animals. With all the unusual, tiny creatures in the site, Ghost Bay is known as one of the best Bali scuba diving sites for macro photography.

Bali has water sports at almost every beach, and scuba diving is one that provides one of the more unique experiences as you can get up close with Bali's lesser-known marine creatures.

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