It is said by the locals that the Chalong Temple in Phuket, or most commonly known as Wat Chalong, is the most important temple in this region. This Phuket attraction is popular with both locals who come here to worship as well as tourists who want to learn more about Phuket’s history and Buddhism. If you are planning a trip to Wat Chalong, the following information should be useful to you.

An Overview of Chalong Temple, Phuket

Wat Chalong is actually not the temple’s actual name; its official name is Wat Chaiyathararam. However, it is often called Wat Chalong because it is located at the Chalong subdistrict in Phuket. The temple is dedicated to two highly revered monks who used their knowledge of traditional herbal medicine to help those injured in the Chinese rebellion of 1876. The monks also led the fight, which is why they are still highly respected today in Thailand.

This Phuket tourist attraction is frequented by many locals as well who come here to pray, as many believe the temple is capable of helping miracles happen. When you come to Wat Chalong, you will notice that many locals pray in the central temple and offer lotus flowers during the prayers. You may also notice some sticking gold paper to the statues of the monks inside the temple as a form of respect and prayer. Devotees also light firecrackers in a brick structure as a form of gratitude if a wish of theirs has been granted.

Phuket’s Chalong Temple has several buildings on site, but the largest is the 60-metre tall chedi which is said to hold one of Lord Buddha’s bone fragments (which you can view at the temple). The chedi is also home to the main temple, and its walls and ceilings are covered in gorgeous paintings of Lord Buddha’s most significant moments in life. Do note that it is a three-storey building which has numerous golden statues donated by devotees on each floor which is spectacular to view, and at the top of the chedi you can get a bird’s eye view of the temple grounds as a whole. There is also an exhibition hall onsite which displays the lifelike wax figures of the revered monks.

Some Notes on Visiting Chalong Temple, Phuket

While Wat Chalong is a Phuket tourist attraction, it is still a place of worship which needs to be respected. Dress appropriately when visiting, which means long pants and no sleeveless tops. Bring along footwear that isn’t too expensive, as you will need to leave it outside the temple where there will be no supervision and where hundreds of other footwear will be too. If you are wearing a cap or hat when you get there, it is respectful to remove it before entering the temple premises.

Don’t be surprised when you see little stores on the temple grounds selling knick-knacks and souvenirs like other non-religious tourist attractions in Phuket. The place is, after all, frequented by hundreds of tourists a day, and thus these stores are mainly there for foreign visitors. Sometimes, there are even large carnivals held on temple grounds with many food and entertainment stalls, as well as performances!

Club Med Phuket Excursion to Wat Chalong

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