Cherating is well-known for being a relaxing beach town where you can just relax and enjoy your days doing very little. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any interesting places you can visit in Cherating; far from it, in fact! Here are five locations you can visit to learn something new and have a relaxing time simultaneously.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

It’s truly a waste if you come to Cherating and don’t go to the turtle sanctuary, as this is one of the rare places in the country where you can learn about the turtles that frequent Malaysia’s shores and the conservation efforts made to protect them. Located next to Club Med Cherating, the centre also organises activities for the public where they can release green turtle hatchlings back to the sea at night, as well as watch female turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Truly experiences you’re unlikely to forget!

Cherating Mangrove River

A mangrove river may not seem like a very attractive place, but it’s actually one of the most interesting places in Cherating. Going on a mangrove river tour in the daytime, you can see and learn about a variety of flora and fauna, while also enjoying the relaxing ambience. The real magic happens at night though, when you go for a firefly tour on the same mangrove river. Watching hundreds of fireflies flash their lights in harmony is so satisfying, and also a feast for the eyes.

Kuantan Town

Kuantan may be a huge place like KL city, but there are still many nice attractions to visit there. Kuantan is around an hour’s drive from Cherating and is the capital city for the state of Pahang. Some great places to go here include the batik factory, where you can see how batik is handcrafted with love, and historical sites like the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and the Sultan Ahmad Shah mosque. There are also quirkier places like Lao Zi Temple and Balok Beach will are nice places to visit with all members of the family.

Sungai Lembing Mines

Slightly further away from Kuantan is the old mining town of Sungai Lembing, which rich history makes one of the more interesting places around Cherating. In this town, you will find one of the deepest mines in the world, the Sungai Lembing Mines. These mines used to be bustling in its heyday and were the epicentre of what led to the development of Sungai Lembing Town. The mines have closed down in 1986, and many of the town’s dwellers have since moved on to other parts of Malaysia. The mines have now be turned into a heritage site, and by visiting it you can learn more of the interesting details behind this town’s past.

Cherating Village

Cherating Village is located not far from Cherating Beach, making it a convenient but interesting place in Cherating to access. Not only can you watch others fly the traditional Malaysian kite called wau around the village, but you can also try to do so yourself. Not only that, here you can find the Kompleks Kraftangan Kuantan, where you can observe how those traditional kites, wood carvings, pottery, and other textiles are made. There is also an option to try batik painting classes here, which you may want to try if you’re an art lover.

These are but some of the interesting places in and around Cherating; there are others that you can inquire about when you get there too. For your information, you can conveniently access all the locations above as a guest at Club Med Cherating Beach, as they are offered as add-on excursions that you can opt for. This way, you don’t have to stress about finding your way around; let us arrange it for you. Less stress means a more enjoyable vacation, and that’s what we want you to have at Club Med Cherating!