Our Resort in Lijiang, China

Our brand new all-inclusive resort Club Med Lijiang welcomes you all year round to explore the beauty of nature, local Naxi culture and slow life


Nestled at the foot of the spectacular Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Club Med Lijiang is the perfect place for families and couples alike to experience the beautiful elegance of this ancient city. Explore the wonders of local nature; enrich your souls in fascinating Naxi culture and relish in fine cuisine and ethereal scenes of serenity.

Lijiang Highlights

Get enchanted by the ancient city in the southwest of China

• Ideal for families and couples seeking nature and culture experiences
• Appreciate the magnificent view of Jade Dragon Snow mountain
• Savor a collection of local cuisine including Huotang chicken and Yunnan mushrooms
• Discover Naxi culture through traditional dancing, Dongba hieroglyphic writing and embroidery
• Enjoy slow life in ancient towns: Lijiang, Shuhe and Baisha

Tremendous Natural Wealth

Thanks to its unique location, Lijiang boasts a diversified natural landscape like no other, from snow mountain, lush forest to pristine lakes and babbling brooks, hence perfect for families and couples looking for nature reconnection. Set out on an adventure to the Jade Dragon snow mountain where the snow mountain ranges and meadows co-exist. Appreciate the view of Black Dragon Pool as one of finest in China.

Ancient City Charm

Experience the charms of the bygone era in the old towns of “The Capital of Romance” where you will find historical delights and jaw-dropping sights. Relish in local delicacies in diners and restaurants. . Wandering in the ancient towns, you will find that time seems to slow down. Open your eyes to the ethereal scenes of serenity, and switch on the slow mode.

Enriching Naxi Culture

Explore the unique Naxi culture through a collection of cultural activities. Enjoy the Impression Lijiang show in the world’s highest live-action performance theatre. Learn about the only living hieroglyphics in the world through Dongba writing lessons. The traditional music and dance will show you their treasure in the eye: living in harmony with the nature.

Facts about Lijiang

Flying Time: 11-14 hours (1 stop)
Airport: Lijiang Sanyi International Airport
Time Difference: No time difference with Singapore
Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Best months to visit: April to October
Well Known for: Jade Dragon Snow mountain, Naxi minority culture and ancient towns
Languages: Mandarin

Weather in Lijiang

Monthly weather averages in Lijiang

Owing to its low latitude and high elevation, Lijiang boasts a mild weather and sufficient sunshine all year round. Winters feature mild days coupled with cold nights, as well as the driest and sunniest conditions of the year.

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