If you are looking for somewhere romantic to bring your significant other to, look no further than Cherating, Malaysia! Located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, you will be amazed to find a picturesque escape to nature. Amidst the backdrop of white sandy beaches, clear water and lush tropical rainforest, you will be sure to have a great time here!

Here are top 5 romantic things to do in Cherating that are perfect for couples:

1. Stroll along Cherating Beach

Walking hand-in-hand along the coast with the sun setting behind you is possibly the most romantic couple activity you can do. The best part about Cherating Beach is how relatively quiet it is compared to the other popular beaches in Malaysia, but no less alluring and beautiful.

The sand here is white and fine, with soft lapping waves and shady coconut trees lining the shore. Besides lounging around the beach, you will also find many kite-flyers here as the wind is just the right speed for it. Get a kite and try flying it together while you are here!

2. Watch turtles hatch and release baby turtles

Another top thing to do in Cherating is to be part of the turtle conservation efforts which is both educational but also exciting. You can visit the turtle sanctuary where you will find rehabilitating sea turtles and baby turtles, and learn more about these magnificent sea creatures.

Guests staying at Club Med Cherating can also take part in the exciting turtle watching activity where you can observe mother turtles laying eggs at night and covering them up with sand. If you’re lucky, you can also join in on the baby turtles release efforts and play an active role in releasing them to the sea. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime!

3. Go on a fireflies tour

The mangrove forest in Cherating is a unique place to visit as it combines the best of nature all in one place. Join a mangrove river cruise where you can observe the mystical world of flora and fauna from a slow-moving boat. You can either do the river cruise in the evening, or join the fireflies tour at night for something a little different. What can be more romantic than cruising down the river at night with the sky full of stars and fireflies flickering away all around you?

4. Partake in a water sport or two