Finding the perfect accommodation to cater for your entire family can be challenging. Thankfully, whether you are in search of a fantastic beach-front resort for the ultimate relaxation experience, or a fun-packed activity-filled getaway, you can be assured that Club Med Phuket - a premium all-inclusive resort, is able to cater for you and your family at their family-friendly hotel. Located in Kata, Phuket, Club Med Phuket offers a whole world of activities for your children to enjoy. Whether they’re 4 months old or 18 years old, there is sure to be activities to keep them entertained and happy throughout the duration of their stay.

Club Med Phuket has not just one kids’ club, but in fact offers different experiences to cater for different age groups. Below is a list of kids’ activities offered at Club Med Phuket’s family-friendly hotel.

Swimming Pool

Club Med Phuket’s resort pools are there for you to use all day long and at no additional cost. Whether you’re in search of a calm solitude for a relaxing morning swim or prefer an exciting afternoon playing fun pool games with your family, Club Med Phuket’s pools are the perfect place.

Snorkelling Trips

A short boat ride from Club Med Phuket, you will be able to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of not one, but three fantastic snorkelling locations. Admire the array of colourful fish and the coral reefs on offer. This is sure to be a memorable experience for you and your children.

Scuba Diving Excursions

Club Med Phuket has a number of Scuba Diving excursion options. If you are a first-timer diver, or an advanced open water diver, there will be an excursion that is suited to you. Club Med Phuket scuba diving excursions include diving cylinders; diving regulators; lead belts; masks, flins and tuba; stab jackets and wetsuits, so you will be fully kitted out for a fun day exploring the underwater life of Andaman Sea.

Thai Boxing

Club Med Phuket is committed to offering authentic experiences of Thai culture to its guests. That is why at Club Med Phuket you have the opportunity to enjoy a gentle introduction to Muay Thai - Thai boxing which is a martial art and is Thailand’s national sport. It is a great workout for your whole body as it includes both punching and kicking and is suitable for 8+ year olds.