Cherating is a relatively quiet place at night, so there aren’t that many night activities in Cherating. However, you can visit a night market a short distance away from Club Med Cherating to enjoy some delicious food or do some minor shopping. Why should you go to a night market, you ask? Even if you are Malaysian, going for Club Med Cherating’s night market excursion is worth it for several reasons.

The Pasar Malam (Night Market): A Popular Night Activity in Cherating And Nationwide

Night markets are a staple in Malaysia, so it’s not just a night activity in Cherating alone. Going to a night market brings back great memories for most Malaysians; the scent of various yummy foods in the air, vendors shouting out to attract customers, being able to shop for almost anything you could want like slippers, shoes, cheap clothing, gadget accessories, and more… It’s just one of those things you did with your family, with the night market being a weekly haunt so your mother could top up on her fresh grocery items.

The thing about night markets is that they are different across the nation, while still having the same lively ambience. What differs is the collection of food items on sale, because every state has its speciality staple foods. This is why even if you have a night market near your house elsewhere in Malaysia, you should definitely pay a visit to the one near Club Med Cherating as well!

Club Med Cherating Excursion: The Night Market

While you can enjoy a multitude of gastronomical adventures within Club Med Cherating’s restaurants already, we also understand that you may want to explore the local offerings. That’s why we have an excursion to the local night market, which is a free-and-easy half-day affair where you can explore the array of food available for sale such as nasi kukus, ikan bakar, apam balik, and more! Otherwise, simply stretch your legs walking around and shopping for knick-knacks and souvenirs. Besides this excursion, we actually have other excursions as well, all of which will help you experience Malaysian culture to the fullest.

Other Club Med Cherating Cultural Exploration Excursions

Here’s some of the other cultural excursions you can go on to immerse yourself in what Kuantan has to offer.

Visit Kuantan Town

Take our Club Med Cherating excursion to Kuantan and see what this quaint state capital has to offer. Start off with a visit to a batik factory followed by Sultan Ahmad Shah mosque and Sri Mariamman Hindu temple. End this half-day excursion with a stop at a local mall.

Go to Sungai Lembing Mines

An hour’s drive from Club Med Cherating is the Sungai Lembing Mines, one of the three deepest mines in the world. Visit these special mines to feel how things were in centuries past when tin mining was still a booming industry. Afterwards, shop for local goods at the markets in the local town.

Mangrove River Cruise

Take a half-day trip to Cherating’s mangroves, where you will enjoy an hour-long boat ride where you can take pictures of gorgeous natural scenery, and follow this up with a visit to the traditional villages in the area where you can interact with their locals as they go about their daily routine.

These are just some of the excursion you can go on when you stay at Club Med Cherating; there are many others as well. There are also many onsite night activities and sports you can take part in at Club Med Cherating, so the night market is not your only option. Make your booking now to have an amazing Cherating vacation only with Club Med!