Island and Beach Holidays: what dream destination is made for you?

Holidays in the sun: exploring the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world

Club Med has been travelling the world for more than 60 years in search of the most beautiful places to spend your holidays with family, with friends or with your partner. Blue lagoons, white sand, lush vegetation: make your all-inclusive holiday in the islands or on the beach a unique experience. Enjoy a moment of relaxation, lazing in a hammock in Gregolimano, in Greece, or on the deck of a traditional Turkish caïque, for example. Try out water sports like sailing in the Caribbean or scuba diving* off the coast of Guadeloupe. Share a Creole buffet as a family around your private pool in Mauritius. Swim in the turquoises waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands and stroll along the idyllic beaches of the Bahamas. Enjoy a cocktail of thrilling sports kitesurfing over the waves near Diamond Rock in Martinique. Are you wondering what to do in the Maldives? Play Robinson Crusoe on the unspoilt island of Kani. Immerse yourself in Thai culture among the verdant mountains on the island of Phuket. Experience a harmony in a dream destination on a family holiday in Bali. Still in Asia, the Cherating Beach Resort, in Malaysia, offers you a relaxing coastal setting in the heart of lush jungle. *At extra cost

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Fly off for the Americas

The little island of Providenciales is one of the Turks and Caicos Islands to the south of the Bahamas. The minty green and jade colours compete with the breathtaking tones of the sea. The new Club Med Turkoise is located in this paradise. Come with your partner or with friends and enjoy the idyllic beach and amazing underwater environment. What if you wanted to island hop and experience the most secret places in Panama, Antigua or Saint Barth ? You can do it aboard the elegant Le Club Med 2 sailing boat. Make your dreams of faraway places come true and enjoy this winter family cruise to the Caribbean.

Check out the best beaches in the Caribbean

Get away from it all in Asia

If there are places that embody the idea of paradise, then the Maldives, a small country of 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean, is the best example. The Club Med in Kani, located on a small island with a private beach, awaits you for an idyllic holiday where time seems to stand still. Explore the beauty of the atolls and lagoons with your children. A little farther away, the exoticism of Thailand awaits you in our Phuket Resort. Wild beaches and rocky outcrops seem to be floating on the translucent waters, the magical landscapes of the Kingdom of Siam will enchant adults and children alike.

Check out the best beaches in Asia

Get away from it all in Europe

With its crystal-clear waters and unspoilt natural environment, Corsica truly is a paradise on earth. The Resort of San Ambroggio is located on a rocky outcrop behind maquis with an almost spicy fragrance. Calm, tranquillity and well-being for great family holidays.Just a few kilometres away, another mythical island of the Mediterranean awaits you: Bella Sicilia! The Resort of Cefalù is located on a wild headland that plunges into the translucent sea. Made up of villetas, small villas with a contemporary look, like troglodyte architecture built into the rocks, the Resort is a tribute to style and elegance, ideal for romantic breaks for two.

Discover the Resorts of Sant’Ambroggio and Cefalù

Slip away to Africa

To the south-west of the continent of Africa, behind Madagascar and looking towards Asia, Mauritius is bursting with extraordinary riches. Chinese, Indian and Creole influences have shaped the place. The Plantation d’Albion Resort offers you the chance to discover all its treasures: its wild rocky inlets and its stunning beaches edged by lush vegetation. On the Atlantic side, Senegal offers you an entirely different adventure. Fascinating, colourful and untamed, the African experience is an unforgettable one. The Resort of Cap Skirring sits beside a never-ending beach with a wild feel. Choose an adventure for two.

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