Annatasha SAIFOL


Annatasha is a born and raised Malaysian. Having been surrounded by the depthless culture and art that the country has to offer, Annatasha began her photography journey at the tender age of 13—starting with landscapes and micro images—eventually immersing herself into shooting her favourite subject, human beings.

Her photography ranges from beauty, fashion, boudoir, artist profiles and concert/festival photography. Annatasha has had the pleasure and blessing of shooting around the globe, from Malaysia to the USA, United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. Annatasha’s specialty in photography is offering every person a safe space to be photographed in settings that bring them out of their comfort zones. She believes that
the photo shoot’s set is a safe haven where everyone can be entirely themselves and have their true aura photographed.

When not taking photographs, Annatasha works with advocating women empowerment through Safe Space Malaysia, an organisation designed by women for women.

When I think of Club Med, I think of…

Childlike Wildlife. It’s a song from one of my favourite artists and it fits. Club Med reminds me of all my carefree memories as a child and a young adult. Club Med just exudes the aura of comfort and I always reminisce all my previous trips full of nostalgia!

I get my inspiration from…

Human beings around me. All the different walks of life they portray, strangers, acquaintances and loved ones! All of them!

In the past week, what was the most memorable thing that someone said to you?

“Being good at what you do does not matter if you don’t enjoy it."

Can you tell us a bit more about your proposal at Club Med Cherating?

My fiancé, Ryan, knows that I have loved Club Med since I was a child. So since we had a long overdue trip there in October 2020, and after 6 years of dating, he thought it would be the most apt place to propose to me amidst this pandemic. It was intimate, quiet, just the two of us under the gazebo by the beach—no extra frills, no candles, just me, my love and my favourite place. After I said yes, we brought the great news back to the GO’s of the resort and we all celebrated together! Though I reckon they might have been a little bummed Ryan didn’t let them in on it!

What brings the best out of you/When are you your best self?

When I am loved. By people I love and especially then I’m loved by my own self.

How do you think Club Med helped you to get back to your best self?

When I’m at Club Med, I am at ease, I have nothing to worry about. Club Med brings me the vibes of a family away from home and I feel my best self when I am most comfortable, and Club Med provides that comfort for me.

What have you learnt about yourself amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

That I cannot be in control of everything. Sometimes the best solution is to wait it out, and being the restless worker I am, I have learned that I am capable of loosening the reigns a little, and letting things fall into place at it’s own time.

What is one thing you’ve learnt to appreciate during the pandemic?

Time at home and time to myself. I know many people were probably fussing about being STUCK at home—and yes, I was fussing too—but I have learned to appreciate it.

How have your passion points changed in the past year?

I’m more passionate now about being content with the present, and not fussing too much about the future, since at this moment in time, the future is very uncertain. Being passionate about every day I have is a new passion of mine.

After what has happened over the past year, has your dream destination changed and why?

I’ve always wanted to see the best oceans, and I have seen a few, Hawaii, and even the Red Sea at the former Club Med El Gouna, but in the past year, my dream destination has shifted to a cold country where I can take my soon to be husband (Ryan) to watch the Aurora Lights dance. A cold country with a small cabin town where we can grab food at the local bar, make friends with the local bartender, and at night sit on the beautiful greens and wait for the arrival of the Aurora Borealis. Why? It was me realising maybe I could break out of my “beach bum” vibe and try something on the opposite side of the
spectrum, change things up a little!

What is it about the destination you’re in or what can you do in the coming week to help the people around you to get back to their best selves?

Give them a safe space from the comfort of their own homes, while we’re restricted to our own states. Listen to people’s stories and make sure they have it known that they are seen and they are heard, always. Because even though validation isn’t everything, everyone likes to know when they’re holding themselves well, others feel it too.

2021 is the year to get Back to Happiness. I am going to…

Stop saying “my time is now” and start LIVING as though my time is now.