Alejandro Albarreal TROYA

e-GO (Social Media Manager), Club Med Tomamu, Hokkaido, Japan

Coming all the way from Sevilla, in the South of Spain, Alejandro is an e-GO, a resorts Social Media manager. He likes that idea of changing the world through Social Media. In fact, his got changed that way. Thanks to that he’s traveled and worked as Social Media Manager around more than 20 countries and have created content as a freelancer that has inspired others to leave their "comfort" zone and pursue their dreams. His story in Club Med started in Bali as an e-GO where he has worked for more than 5 seasons. He has also worked in Phuket and now he is in Japan working as e-GO in Club Med Tomamu. Somehow, he found in Club Med the place to be to develop himself and grow.

When I think of Club Med, I think of….

a world where you can connect to your true self and with amazing & diverse people.

I get my inspiration from…

fellow content creators who have created from their passion a way of life.

In the past week, what was the most memorable thing that someone said to you?

“Thank you”. It’s something so simple and strong at the same time that means the world every time is said to you after you just simply do your job.

What brings the best out of you / When are you your best self?

There’s something I love to do and makes me feel very good with myself here at Club Med. When creating content sometimes I tend to take more pics than I need just so more GOs appear in them. Then I edit and share all of them with the team so they can download and keep them as souvenirs.

What do you love most about your job / Club Med?

I think what happens in Club Med resorts it’s something unique and I love to be the one who shares it. To think of creative ways to show the world how we share happiness with our GMs in their holidays and to be part of it.

What have you learnt about yourself amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

I’ve learnt that I don’t like to waste my time. Suddenly we found ourselves with a lot of free time when having these quarantines so I worked on using more efficiently my free time and I’ve also found new passions.

What is one thing you’ve learnt to appreciate during the pandemic?

It may sound cliché but having job and a good health is something that we all have learnt to appreciate more in these times. Apart from that I’ve got to appreciate the “time” we have.

How have your passion points changed in the past year?

I suddenly realized that I didn’t’ have enough passions, or at least to keep me active during the quarantines, so I basically found new ones and kept working on my old ones.

After what has happened over the past year, has your dream destination changed and why?

I still have the same dream destinations I had before the pandemic, which are way many, but I could say “home” is now one of the main ones because of what happened.

What is it about the destination you’re in or what can you do in the coming week to help the people around you to get back to their best selves?

Something we have learnt at Club Med is to never say “no” to GM requests without first trying if it’s possible. I apply this to my work on a daily basis with my team mates’ requests. Added to this I also like to “listen proactively” because sometimes you can help even when they are not asking you to.

2021 is the year to get Back to Happiness. I am going to…

to do my best to reflect that in my work and my personal relations. Appreciate the little things and try new things for the first time.