Mini Club Med +

The launch of a science-based approach with pedagogical principles that promotes children’s sense of well-being and resilience, seamlessly integrated into brand new fun-packed activities and the best of the original Mini Club in Club Med resorts across Asia.

Club Med Bali, 7 July 2022 – Club Med, the pioneer of Premium All-Inclusive holidays and the number one vacation brand for families, launched the evolution of its highly-acclaimed Kids Club (previously known as Mini Club Med®) to Mini Club Med + in Bali. This brand-new science-based framework inspired by Positive Education offers a fun-filled experience where play, cooperation and kindness are celebrated to help develop their soft skills while on vacation.

This much anticipated roll-out across Asia follows the successful test case in Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique, that has been specially formulated to address the changing needs of children and the rising expectations of parents, and directly responds to one of the major concerns, which is how to raise happy children? Holidays are very special moments in children’s development, where we believe creativity, courage, appreciation, teamwork or self-expression can be kindled and fostered.

Mini Club Med + is a Game Changer

Club Med has been a pioneer of Kids & Family experiences since 1967, with its initial introduction of Mini Club Med®, a space for children 4-10 year olds to learn and grow while on vacation. Parents can leave their little ones under the watchful eyes of the Graciouss Organisateurs (GOs®) in our Resorts, with the assurance that their kids will enjoy the most enriching experiences, while they enjoy their much needed me-time and we-time. With this enhancement to the program, it gives even more value to the time children spend at Mini Club Med + and the experiences that will empower them to be happy & confident.

At Mini Club Med +, kids are being prepared for the future. They will discover and develop unique character strengths around Creativity, Confidence, Connection, Cheerfulness, Courage and Cooperation (the 6 Cs of Mini Club Med +); vital soft skills to being happy, staying connected and growing with confidence.

One of such activities that the little ones can look forward at Mini Club Med + is the Ninja Bootcamp, where it requires them to design their own obstacle course and conquering it. The goal is to reveal a child’s unique character strengths and to develop his or her ability to effectively engage those strengths leading to increased self-esteem, energy and happiness. This approach echoes Club Med’s raison d’etre, perfectly matching the vision of Club Med’s founder, Gérard Blitz: “The purpose of life is to be happy. The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now.”

The program was developed in partnership with Professor Ilona BONIWELL, an Expert in Positive Psychology & Positive Education and a world leader in the field of Positive Psychology, with over 20 years of experience. A wealth of exciting new activities was designed to help children discover and develop their strengths. All of the original Mini Club Med activities such as sports and the Mini Club Med Show have also been re-engineered and passed through the same framework, to help nurture children’s soft skills, making them more than just fun activities, but truly enriching learning experiences.

Families are at the core of our offering at Club Med and this new enhancement of Mini Club Med + truly redefines the enriching holiday experiences children will have at our resorts. Over 70% of our guests from Asia visiting Club Med are families, we see the value and opportunity to empower the next generation with the character strengths they need to thrive in this fast-changing world.” said Rachael Harding, Chief Executive Officer, East and South Asia & Pacific markets, Club Med. “We are thrilled to be able to launch this enhancement across Asia (excluding China) and highlight our commitment to delivering unparalleled and meaningful experiences for families.

The Media Launch at Club Med Bali, the #1 resort for families

The sneak peek into the Mini Club Med + program, held at Club Med Bali, presented the perfect space for family vacations. The Premium All-Inclusive Resort which recently reopened last month, features the ideal hassle-free infrastructure for families. Beyond the new Mini Club Med + enhancement, the Resort also has Kids’ Clubs for children 4 months to 17 years, the award-winning Amazing Family! program that encourages family bonding in a unique way, services and facilities such as a baby corner with pureed food for infants, interconnecting rooms which make vacationing as a family a breeze and over 60 sports and activities for all ages, making it the resort with the largest number of in-resort sports and activities in Bali.

Club Med’s First Ever Immersive Art Installation

Making waves during the event launch at Club Med Bali is the debut of Club Med’s first ever immersive art installation in partnership with Art Wonderland Singapore. This exclusive art installation brings another dimension of creative play, allowing families to bond over imaginative play and expose them to the artful storytelling in an outdoor setting. It hopes to encourage the spirit of pretend play and wild imaginations in families and to allow children to hone their strengths and develop soft skills through this limited-time feature.

About the artwork installation:
Of Dreams and Adventures is an experience-based, immersive installation that aims to encourage family visitors to play in the spirit of adventure. On a journey across a monstrous ocean to an illuminating forest and musical cave, family visitors are invited to take part in imaginative play and adopt the role of brave explorers on a quest for the glowing crown. Filled with interactive elements and playful activities, Of Dreams and Adventures aims to allow families to practice teamwork and embrace their wildest imagination for the greatest adventure of all time.

New Discoveries Await Families

In addition to the art installation, Club Med Bali will feature brand-new robust entertainment for the whole family. When evening comes around, grab the kids and head to the theatre for energizing beats in the new digital shows ‘Colours’ & ‘Magic Tribe’ by our talented GOs in dazzling costumes are sure to mesmerize and are definitely Instagram-worthy.

Connecting you to the soul of Bali, the resort also introduced a dedicated Balinese Day each week, where families can join in local cooking classes with striking flavours and relish in the rich, cultural performances. Another note-worthy event is the Nomad Festival themed day, where colourful bohemian-chic happenings and curated workshops such as eco-friendly glitter make-up, dreamcatcher-making and boho-chic festival party with a live DJ await. Watch as families of all ages doll up, bringing vibrancy of the island to life and with it, precious memories and maybe some new phone wallpapers.

Competitive families may find picking up a new sport while on vacation a massive draw and the best chance to level out the playing field between parents and kids. With the newest addition, Padel Tennis to Club Med Bali’s extensive list of all-inclusive activities in the Resort, families can seek to develop a new skill together.

For more details on What’s New at Club Med Bali, check out our press release on Bali Reignited.