Singapore, 12 JUNE 2019 – Known for its premium all-inclusive holidays, Club Med has set high standards for its hassle-free and memorable experiences for families over the years. Be close to nature with adrenaline-charged outdoor activities and embark on an Adventure Into The Wild at Club Med Cherating Beach from 13 July to 2 August 2019. Perfect for both thrill-seekers and nature lovers, this well-hidden gem boasts of scenic sights and lush greenery, that will whet your desire for exploration at every corner.

Nature is Your Playground

Discover and fall in love with nature at its finest and be enthralled by its natural beauty amidst the forest flora and fauna. Nestled amidst 80 hectares of nature, guests will be spoilt for choice with a myriad of activities such as Dance in the Jungle with internationally-acclaimed dancer Adelene Stanley from Level gym. Get in touch with your primal side in a 60-minute movement workshop outdoors that will have you moving in ways you never thought possible.

Yoga lovers are in for a treat with various forms of yoga sessions specially curated by well-known yogis such as Lululemon ambassadors Sheranne Wong, Co-founder of The Locomotive Co and Brandon Chong, Co-founder and Managing Director of Yoga Instiinct. Unleash your true potential by learning how to connect your breathing through fluid movements with Healing Yoga and Restore and Revitalise Yoga as you engage in a combination of movements that are not only restorative but Yin-inspired as well. Bring your yoga practice even closer to nature with a trek to the forest followed by an energising yoga session surrounded by the sights and sounds of the lush greenery and wildlife in Cherating Beach with Forest Yoga by Dawn Sim, Founder of Trium Fitness.

Other activities also include Massage Classes with a view, for a sensory appreciation of Mother Nature’s beauty. Spend some quality time with the family at a Picnic at the beach along with acoustic music and a sumptuous picnic spread specially curated by the resort.

Green is the Spirit

Enrich your knowledge of environmental conservation and sustainability at Club Med Cherating Beach and bring home new perspectives. As a firm believer of providing sustainable tourism and caring for the environment, Club Med aims to enrich your stay through engaging DIY workshops on conservation and sustainability. Hands on activities include getting acquainted with one of Nature’s most exclusive enigmatic creatures at this one-of-a-kind Do-it-yourself Firefly Jar with the guidance of Ronnie Khoo, Founder of Ohsum Mossum Terrariums.

Dive right into a Fun Food Prep session with Laleh Mohmedi, Founder of Jacob’s Food Diaries where guests can learn to prepare adorable food creations of endemic wildlife such as monkeys and sea turtles all while learning more about eco-diversity. Guests may also attend a Bath Soap Workshop conducted by LUSH to create their personal bath soap.

In addition to these activities, guests can get up close and personal with Club Med Cherating Beach’s very own Turtle Encounter. An activity for all ages, learn more about how to save these beautiful species and care for them before they head back into the water. Additionally, Club Med offers eco-friendly activities at its Pedagogical Garden and Fireflies Discovery as activities available throughout the year.

Adventure is Your Benefit

Connect with nature through a nature Trail Hike/Run workshop alongside Jeri Chua, founder of Red Dot Running Company with varying tips and challenges prepared for beginners and experts.

Run, jump and lift along the beach at the Beach Bootcamp, where you will be kept safe but pushed to your limit at the same time. If these activities still leave you hungry for more adventures, challenge yourself with a range of activities available at the resort such as rock-climbing, tree top walk or kayaking.

Attend a GoPro workshop on how to capture an engaging video and learn how to use the camera’s functionality to bring your holiday adventure to life. Catered to both casual vacationers and seasoned GoPro users alike, attendees will be equipped with the fundamentals of storytelling through the camera lens, giving them an invaluable takeaway that will transform the rest of their experiences.

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