Prepare to dive into the exhilarating world of GoPro Trident Crew, where adventure meets creativity and fun knows no bounds! This dynamic collaboration between Club Med and GoPro is all about turning ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Discover what makes Trident Crew the ultimate community for adventure seekers and content creators alike.

What is Trident Crew?

Picture this: a community of like-minded thrill-seekers, curated by Club Med and GoPro, to capture the spirit of Club Med Resorts across APAC and beyond. That's Trident Crew – a platform that thrives on adrenaline, celebrates wanderlust, and unleashes the storyteller in you. It's a celebration of the good life, wrapped in the GoPro lens and sprinkled with the magic of Club Med.

The Club Med and GoPro Dream Team

Let's rewind to where the Trident Crew journey kicked off in style – the ultimate turquoise playground, Club Med Kani in the Maldives. This was just the start of a rollercoaster ride filled with branded events, themed weeks, and captivating workshops at Club Med. These gatherings aren't just about creating content; they're about crafting unforgettable moments through the lens of GoPro's innovative cameras.

This partnership is more than capturing memories; it's about sharing epic adventures. Club Med and GoPro are on a mission to redefine storytelling, spark your wanderlust and inspire you to explore new cultures and share those authentic, heartwarming moments with the world.

Benefits that'll Rock Your World!

What's in it for the content creators? Well, imagine jetting off to breathtaking destinations, all while leveling up your content creation skills with guidance from GoPro's top-notch experts. Workshops, camera hacks, and hands-on experiences we have all that you need to make your creative juices flow like never before.

But there's more! This partnership unlocks the door to collaborating with fellow globe-trotting creators who share your passion. It's a chance to learn, grow, and create together, supercharging the impact of your adventures.


Calling All Aspiring Creators

Are you a budding content creator, eager to join the ranks of Trident Crew? Brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement! Club Med and GoPro are committed to building a tight-knit community of adventure enthusiasts, and the future holds a treasure trove of events, workshops, and activations for newcomers like you to dive right in.

Sign up now to be part of the Trident Crew, we will be in touch if selected for our next exciting journey.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose an All-Inclusive Holiday

#1 - Value for money

Add up the cost of one night’s accommodation; meals throughout the day including a gourmet multi-course dinner in the evening; drinks throughout the day; specialty sundowners and perhaps an after-dinner liqueur or brandy; then, add the cost of a couple of hours of water sports activities; beach chair rentals and ice creams, and you will find that All-Inclusive holidays offer unbelievable value for money.

By choosing an All-Inclusive holiday, you save money. There’s no need to compare prices for flights and accommodation, as with us, you get the best deal.

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#2 - There is something for everyone

One of the hardest parts of planning a holiday, especially if it’s for the whole family, is choosing activities that will cater to everyone. At Club Med we have something for everyone with nightly entertainment, sports and activities for beginners through to professionals and childcare facilities to entertain the kids. Get pampered at the spa and enjoy some much needed quality time as a couple, or sit back on the beach and get back to nature to feel recharged.

Whether you choose an all-inclusive holiday for the down time, the entertainment, because you’re on a budget or all of the above, it’s the perfect choice for couples and families alike, to discover some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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#3 - Effortless holidays

At Club Med, we believe providing you with an easy and hassle-free experience is the surest way to create great family memories. So, forget the logistics, we’ve got you covered with handy services & equipment. Enjoy fun family time, watch your kids blossom, and just kick back!

Discover our amazing resorts

In the most exotic locations​...

Club Med resorts are among the most premium properties spread across pristine islands in the Indian Ocean, the exotic Far East, the majestic Alps, the care-free Caribbean and many more breath-taking locations around the world. Each resort is especially designed to blend into the local tastes and offers a range of amenities for every need.

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