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Ever wondered how many temples there are in Bali? Or how Leonardo Da Vinci shaped the snorkelling gears we use today? Read on to embark on a journey through history like never before.

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3 fun facts you probably never knew

Bali is one of the last places on earth brimming with spiritual energy, having over 20,000 temples around the island.

Famous for its huge waves, the beaches in Bali were also believed to have curative and spiritual properties that protected the island from evil sea spirits.

Today, these beaches have become a haven for surfing, a popular activity offered by Club Med Bali.

Watch the video to immerse in the spiritual, mystical history of Bali


3 fun facts you probably never knew

Indonesia is home to a group of indigenous people called Orang Laut, also known as sea gypsies.

These sea gypsies once populated the island of Bintan, who relied on the intricate mangrove forests for survival.

Bintan has since transformed into a popular destination for urban dwellers seeking wellness and nature retreats, something Club Med Bintan Island is known for.

Watch the video to discover the history of the Riau Islands and its seafaring ethnic tribes

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