body & soul

5 - 28 May 2017, Club Med Bintan Island

Become A New You

Reawaken your physical and mental vigour with Club Med’s signature wellness event, designed to rejuvenate, recharge, rebalance, and revitalise you. Boost your wellness and overall fitness with our 4 Colours in 4 Days programme, with invited international ...

- New international instructors with diverse classes
- Updated programme with fun health-related classes and activities for children
- Refreshing new fresh juice by the beach and healthy food corners
- Invigorating spa workshops and classes by Asmara Spa



and invigorate your soul with Barre Fitness, Yogo, Pilates, Chi Ball exercises and more...


and fuel up with high-octane workouts like Zumba, Boxing, Tribal Rhythm to energise yourself and more...


seek harmony throught Pilates, Meditation, Aqua Fitness, enjoying a fresh juice by the beach and more...


discover serenity yourselves with relaxing Spa treatments, Spa Workshops and more...

✔ NEW look and experiences to discover
✔ NEW! Must-try Experiences including Beach Yoga, Twilight Trapeze, Tie-Dye fun* and more
✔ Brand new restaurant and food for any mood

▲ UPGRADED! Pool and main bar
▲ UPGRADED! Zen area for wellness activities
▲ UPGRADED! Fitness space with new equipment and activities

*at extra cost


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