Most of us go on holiday to relax, enjoy our surroundings, take nice photos, and spend quality time with our loved ones. If you’re planning a trip to Cherating, you may be wondering what to do in Cherating that ticks all those boxes. Of course, there is a lot of such activities in and around Cherating, but one that you really should not miss is the firefly tour at the mangrove river

What are Fireflies and Why are They Special?

Fireflies are winged, mostly flying insects with bioluminescent bottoms who are part of the Lampyridae family. There are several subfamilies under this family, but Malaysian fireflies belong to the Luciolinae subfamily and of the genus Pteroptyx. Fireflies of this subfamily have the trait of having “flashing” bottoms instead of “continuous glow” ones. Fireflies in Malaysia additionally are known for being able to flash their “lights” on and off in sync with one another in large groups, which offers a truly amazing spectacle.

The bioluminescence, or in simple words the ability to give off light naturally, of a firefly is caused by the light-emitting organs on their bottom half and chemical interactions within that result in the release of cold light. This light can be in several different colours, depending on the type of firefly. In general, fireflies in Malaysia and in Cherating give off a yellow light.

The reason why seeing the fireflies at the mangrove are a must-add to the “what to do in Cherating” list you have is simple. The flashing of the fireflies’ light with perfect harmony in timing is something that is rarely experienced when watching other animal species! Not only that, watching only the light from the fireflies brighten up the dark night sky adds a magical feel to the environment, especially when you sit in a boat surrounded by water and the sounds of nature. We don’t have to tell you what an amazing photo op this activity provides too.

Club Med Cherating Excursion: Amazing Firefly

One of the excursions we offer to guests at an additional cost is the Amazing Firefly excursion, so that guests can conveniently fulfil their plans on what to do in Cherating. This excursion is open to toddlers above the age of 2 right up to senior citizens. During this tour, guests will be provided with an introduction by a local naturalist on fireflies and why they communicate using light, followed by a trip by boat to see the fireflies on the banks of Cherating river. This is only a short tour, being around 2 hours, so it’s worth opting for so you don’t miss out on seeing these gorgeous winged beetles in their natural habitat. It’s also worth noting that the population of fireflies around the world is said to be declining due to humans developing their natural habitats. So, you may want to catch this tour now in case the number of fireflies here dwindles over the next decade.

You can book the Amazing Firefly excursion online when you make your booking, or at the resort once you have arrived. This is not the only convenience you get with your Club Med Cherating Beach experience; our all-inclusive package includes food, drinks (non-alcoholic plus most alcoholic drinks), and a variety of land and water sports for you to not have to worry about what to do in Cherating during your trip. This means a genuinely relaxing vacation for you where you won’t want for anything. Hope to see you soon!

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