There is a certain idyllic charm to Bali that is perfect for all types of travellers, especially couples who are looking to rekindle their romance. While Bali is most famous for its beautiful beaches and water, its lush tropical beauty and intriguing heritage is also worth celebrating and checking out.

Couples who are looking for a romantic getaway will find Bali an ideal vacation spot for its versatility. Whether you prefer something romantic, adventurous, relaxing or exciting, your vacation in Bali is bound to be filled with laughter and good times! Here are some top things to do in Bali for couples:

1. Snorkeling at Lembongan Island

The underwater life in Bali is vibrant and colourful, and snorkeling is both an exciting and romantic activity to do as a couple! Lembongan Island is a great place to snorkel at as the marine life here is incredibly lively and there is much to explore in the island too.

Guests at Club Med Bali should check out our Lembongan Island excursion which includes a snorkeling session and village tour as well. This excursion also includes a scrumptious BBQ lunch and you can spend the day swimming in the beach club or discover coral reefs with Aquanaut helmets which will allow you to walk on the sea floor. Imagine walking hand-in-hand with your partner and getting that incredible memory captured with the GoPro provided!

2. Sunrise at Mount Batur

An adventure is certainly bound to bring couples together, so why not try hiking up Mount Batur as part of your romantic getaway? Not only that, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur after spending a couple of hours trekking along its rocky paths. This active volcano is a popular hiking spot and is beginner-friendly as well, though be prepared to spend a good 4-5 hours here.

At the peak, not only will you be engulfed by early morning mist and the first rays of the sun, you will also catch a spectacular view of Lake Batur and Mount Agung. On your way down Mount Batur, you can also visit the hot springs and Ulun Danu Batur temple for more things to do. This hike up Mount Batur and watching the sunrise is definitely a must do for all visitors to Bali!

3. Sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Another top thing to do at Bali is to visit the many ancient temples in the island, and Uluwatu Temple is high up on the list of places you have to visit. Indeed, this is also one of the most romantic things to do as you marvel at the colourful wonders of nature together. Catch the most spectacular sunset at this ancient temple in Uluwatu and it’s sure to bring up feelings of passion and romance!

Uluwatu Temple is one of six important temples in Bali and sits on a cliff by the sea. Not only will you get to marvel at the architectural beauty of this 11th Century Balinese Hindu temple, you will also hear the soft lapping waves as they crash onto the cliff. Stay until the sky is painted red, orange, yellow and purple and you won’t regret the sight.

At night, there is an unforgettable performance of Balinese Kecak and Fire dance from 6-7pm here so that’s another good reason to stay for the sunset!

4. Monkey Forest and Sunset at Tanah Lot

Another amazing temple to check out is Tanah Lot, which is the birthplace of Balinese Hinduism. Close by, there’s the Sangeh Monkey Forest which is a nature reserve of many bird and monkey species. You will surely be entertained while taking in the lush beauty of the rainforest.

You can buy monkey treats but be careful as these monkeys can get very excited when they see food. This Monkey Forest is a protected site and there will be guards around for both yours and the monkeys’ safety. You can then proceed to Tanah Lot to pay respects as well as catch a spectacular sunset by the sea. Both Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples are located by the sea but you get very different views as one is on a cliff while the other is built on a rocky outcrop.

Here at Club Med Bali, we provide excursions to both Uluwatu and Tanah Lot which include a fun day of exploration and sightseeing beyond the temples. The excursions will also include an English-speaking guide who will explain to you all the historical and cultural significance of the temples and dance!

5. Dolphin-watching at Lovina

Another romantic thing to do in Bali for couples is to go on a dolphin-watching adventure, which you can do at Lovina Beach. Here, you can book a tour to ride on a boat at sunrise and catch the majestic sight of dolphins dancing and surfing the waves. You can also watch dolphins swim along the coast at Nusa Dua.

6. Romantic Dinner At the beach

Given the beautiful beaches in Bali, it will be remiss of you to not go for a romantic dinner at the beach. This is one of the most popular things to do in Bali, which is why there are many romantic dinner spots catered just for couples.

Before or after dinner, walk hand in hand along the beach barefoot to feel the soft waves on the fine white sands. This is definitely a popular honeymoon spot for the romantic vibe it offers! The best place for seafood dinner is at Jimbaran Bay, but many hotels also offer romantic dinner at the beach which may be more private and secluded.

This list covers some of the things you can do at your romantic getaway in Bali but there is so much more to see and experience! Guests at Club Med Bali can enjoy a wide range of watersports activities like snorkeling and kayaking, as well as excursions mentioned above to Uluwatu, Tanah Lot and more.