A simple getaway from KL can take form in a Cherating holiday; this charming place is great for you to just let the stress melt away. But what about if you just want some really nice pictures for the ‘gram? The good news is Cherating has a number of places of interest that you can go to get some interesting snaps that will get you the likes you are looking for.

Location 1: Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

Besides taking pictures of yourself at the beach, why not take some pictures of some cute sea creatures too? The Cherating Turtle Sanctuary is the perfect place to learn more about the endangered turtle species that come to Malaysia’s east coast, but you can also take pictures of some cute turtle hatchlings here too. You may also opt to watch the turtle hatchlings being released to the sea at night, where you can get good snaps if you have a decent night mode on your phone/camera.

Location 2: Cherating Mangrove River

If you don’t sign up for the mangrove river tour in Cherating, you are certainly missing out. This Cherating place of interest will involve you getting onto a boat and cruising down the river, surrounded by lush mangrove forest and the brilliant sounds of nature. You can also catch a glimpse of flora and fauna unique to this area as well. Perfect for video Insta stories and pictures of you surrounded by nature, it’s definitely not something to be missed to make your friends at home jealous.

For especially magical photos, sign up for the fireflies tour, which happens at the same location but at night. Take pictures of these brilliantly glowing insects on the mangrove river bank and flying around in the air as well. You’ll get great pictures and feel like Rapunzel cruising down the river chasing the lanterns with Flynn Rider in “Tangled”!

Location 3: Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe

Just because you leave KL, doesn’t mean you have to leave hipster cafe life behind. Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe is a good stop on your holiday if you want to grab some quality Western and Asian dishes, but the main reason it’s on our list is because of the rustic, charming ambience. You can take plenty of gorgeous food pics on their aesthetic wooden tables, as well as pictures of yourself surrounded by the chill vibes of the cafe’s decor.

Location 4: Bukit Panorama (Panorama Hill)

Hiking fans should make it a point visit Bukit Panorama on their Cherating holiday; it is around an hour’s drive away from Cherating by car, but it offers breathtaking views you can only get