If you’re thinking of staying with us at Club Med Cherating resort, first of all, thank you for your consideration. We welcome guests from Malaysia and all over the world to our resort, in order to achieve a nice, relaxing time away from the stress of everyday life. However, during the consideration phase, potential guests usually ask us a few common questions to get further clarification on our offerings. Here are 5 common questions we often get and the answers to them.

What Else Do I Get With My All-Inclusive Package Other Than A Room to Sleep In?

Club Med Cherating strives to be more than just your regular hotel; the price we charge you includes accommodation and several other features. Besides a room, you will also receive unlimited all-day access to our on-site restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy all the food and drinks you want to your heart’s content without an additional cost. Alcoholic beverages are also included but for top-shelf premium spirits, there is a small additional charge that is borne by the guest.

Besides food and drinks, you will also have access to a wide variety of onsite activities at our Cherating resort, including but not limited to archery classes, flying trapeze classes, tennis classes, sailing classes and facilities, and many more. There are also some free excursions available for you to get a better taste of what Cherating has to offer, though there are also some which have an additional cost such as longer/speciality excursions. For more information on our all-inclusive package, click here.

Is There Halal Food Available At The Onsite Restaurants at Club Med Cherating?

Being more than just a hotel, Club Med Cherating wants to ensure that all guests have options available at our restaurants to meet their dietary needs. Yes, we do have halal food at all three of our onsite restaurants, and in fact, most of the food options available are halal in nature. However, some dishes may not be halal, but you can request that these be pointed out to you by the staff of the restaurant. Do also note that alcoholic beverages are served at the restaurants.

I Am Bringing My Children Along, Is There Anything For Them to Do In The Resort?

That would be a big, resounding YES! Club Med Cherating and all other Club Med resorts are child-friendly, and your little ones will have plenty to do during your stay with us. For children between 4 to 17 years of age, our Mini Club Med and Club Med Passworld offerings will keep them occupied with making new friends and trying new activities. These two offerings are included in your all-inclusive package. For kids younger than 4 years of age, the Baby Club Med and Petit Club Med offerings are available at an additional cost. For more information on our childcare offerings, click here! At our Cherating resort, we also have the Amazing Family! Programme, where families can do activities together to bond and spend time. These include activities like giant board games, pool games, treasure hunts and more. Inquire about this during your stay for more information!

If My Stay Coincides With Monsoon Season, What Can I Do at Club Med Cherating When It Rains?

When the weather is wet and gloomy, it doesn’t mean your vacation is put on hold at our resort. You can spend your day at our onsite restaurants and bars if you want to relax the day away, but for more active options, you can opt for activities like painting lessons, cookery lessons, table tennis, and pool at the resort. You can also use our cardio and weights room to still get a workout in, and at night on certain days, our G.Os will keep you entertained with a variety show. So not to worry, it will still be an enjoyable vacation!

How Do I Get to Club Med Cherating?

You can opt to drive from Kuala Lumpur directly to the resort, which takes approximately three hours. It’s also possible to drive from Singapore. However, for a simpler option, we recommend you take a flight from KL to Kuantan and then ask us to arrange a transfer from the airport to the Club Med Cherating hotel. We offer the option to book flights together with your all-inclusive package, so do consider opting for it.

We hope to see you soon at Club Med Cherating and will be waiting for you with much excitement. If there are other inquiries that you want answers for, feel free to call or email us to get in touch!