In Bintan, there are numerous restaurants that you can visit for a good local meal. One of the must-dos in Bintan is enjoying one or more delicious seafood meals. And one of the many famous Bintan seafood restaurants is the Kelong Seafood Restaurant. While this restaurant is well known for Chinese-style seafood dishes, you do have other alternatives if you want to try other seafood places in Bintan.

The Kelong Seafood Restaurant, Bintan: Ambience And Popular Dishes

The Kelong Seafood Restaurant is located on the west coast of Nirwana Garden and is a roofed establishment surrounded by transparent windows. These windows offer patrons a 360-degree panoramic view of the sea and is thus an excellent spot to dine at if you want to get a great sunset view, not just from inside but also outside on the bridge leading to the restaurant. This Bintan seafood restaurant is very popular and often filled with tourists during peak season, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment. Because it’s often filled up and also because it sells alcohol, expect the restaurant to be loud and bustling; definitely not the place for a romantic, quiet evening if that’s what you’re after. For a lively dinner with family or friends, it’s a good choice.

The seafood served at the Kelong Seafood restaurant is known to be fresh, with much of it being caught in the ocean waters around the restaurant itself. There are several dishes here that you must try, as they are the restaurant’s specialities. These include:

Gonggong - This is an extremely popular sea snail dish in Bintan. Don’t let the word ‘snail’ throw you off from trying though; these sea creatures are extremely palatable and delicious once they are boiled and seasoned, and even better when dipped in the sauce that comes with them.

Black pepper crab - No Singaporean is a stranger to this mouthwatering dry crab dish, and Kelong Seafood Restaurant is known for its freshly caught crabs cooked in black pepper to provide an umami dish with a hint of spice to tickle the palate.

Butter prawns - A staple at most Chinese seafood restaurants in Southeast Asia, Kelong Seafood Restaurant also offers this prawn dish tossed and wok-fried in butter for a flavoursome rice accompaniment, though you can also enjoy it on its own.

For seafood items, you can choose from a variety of cooking styles. Additionally, if you’re not much of a seafood fan, you can also opt for chicken and vegetable dishes instead. In terms of price, Kelong Seafood Restaurant is definitely on the higher end even by Bintan’s tourist standards. Expect to pay at least SGD100 for two people, though it will be higher for more ‘luxury’ seafood items like crab and lobster.

Alternative Bintan Seafood Restaurants You Can Visit

If you’re looking for a slightly lower-priced option for seafood restaurants and want a more authentic and rustic kelong restaurant option, consider heading to Kampong Kelong Seafood Restaurant and Kelong Mangrove Restaurant instead. These restaurants are located near the mangrove river, so you’ll be surrounded by lush forest and calm river waters. However, if you’d rather not fuss about for your meals in Bintan, we have just the option for you.

At Club Med Bintan Island, we offer an all-inclusive package which means when you stay with us, you can enjoy all-day dining at our two restaurants. We have a buffet-style one called The Waterfall, and a more intimate setting at The Terrasse which has breathtaking views. You can enjoy a variety of delicious Bintan seafood dishes at our restaurants, but if you do want to try out one of the kelong ones, we have excursions which include trips to local seafood restaurants. On our Sea Fun Fishing Adventure excursion, you can even catch your own fish and eat it after it’s been cooked to yumminess at the Kampong Kelong Seafood Restaurant! So, what are you waiting for? Book your perfect vacation at Club Med Bintan Island now!

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